Moonbeam Reflective Eyeliner

Though I love makeup, it’s rare for me to find something that has the “wow effect”. The “wow effect” is when I try something on and I say (or think) “Wow! That looks really good on me!” Benefit’s Dallas Blush had that effect, and so does this: Prescriptives Moonbeam Reflective Eyeliner in Beaming Brown. I know, I know, a girl with brown eyes wearing brown eyeliner is wrong!

Well, I was at Holt Renfrew’s and the Sales Assistant had this eyeliner on, but on her pale skin it looked bronze. It looked pretty and I wanted to try it on myself. So she sharpened it for me and put it on. “Wow!” I had to exclaim, “That looks great!” She was smiling and I immediately felt foolish. “I’ve hardly ever had that reaction to something before,” I felt compelled to tell her.

The colour really is amazing. It’s sparkly brown, but the undertone is very very dark, so it goes on like more of a dark brown eyeliner with brown sparkles in it. You just have to try it to see how amazing it is. And it’s creamy enough to go on without tugging on your eyelid. Next time, I want to try the purple.

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