More Scenes From Next Season’s Gossip Girl

Ahh, I keep loving the mix of prints from Gossip Girl’s next season!  Check out Leighton Meester – there’s so much going on with this outfit but I’m going to try to pull this off in real life one day.  There’s the pattern in the leggings, the tweed jacket, the damask on the purse, and a headband to top it all off.  I love the mix of texture and colour.

What do you think?  Is this inspiring you for fall fashion?

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2 Responses to More Scenes From Next Season’s Gossip Girl

  1. i LOVE the shoes!

    and the outfit is great, i would just tone it down by switching out the purse and tights to something patternless.


  2. Emily says:

    I think the guy’s footwear caught my eye, sorry Leighton. I didn’t know guys wore sandals like that. That is really freaky!

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