Moroccanoil Treatment

Lately, as I’ve been cleaning out my beauty stash, I’ve come across a few minis of the Moroccanoil Treatment, so it’s given me a chance to try it again.

By now, most people are familiar with the treatment but maybe you’ve never tried it.

Moroccanoil was the first big brand to incorporate argan oil into its products, and launched with this original Moroccanoil treatment.  Although the ingredients are mostly silicone, there is enough argan oil in this treatment to really help smooth your hair and add some conditioning to it.  It’s nice to see the most hyped ingredient further up on the ingredient list, but the truth is that if anything has too much oils, it actually leaves your hair feeling greasy, which is not what you want.

The Moroccaoil treatment is seriously smoothing – I’ve been using it in 90% humidity and noticed a difference in my hair.  The best way to use it is on wet hair so that it distributes well.  You’ll notice a difference as your hair dries.

Moroccanoil has the most iconic smell – rich and warm, it’s almost addictive how nice this smells, and it’s nice to know that it works so well too.

You can find Moroccanoil here.

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