Most Popular Products of 2008

We thought we’d let you know what some of the most popular articles for the year of 2008 were, so if you want to know what readers are interested in, follow the links!
People were really curious about this Skin Tone Corrector.
We always get a lot of questions about brushes, so we wrote a bit of guide to help you out.
We gave our comments about this “best of” list – what did you think about these products?
This article reported super-exciting news – we know you’re interested too.
We know that many of you are going to try to lose weight in the new year, but you should read this before you start anything new.
We get tons of questions about these two leading skincare brands and they’re our favourites for good reason – here we tell you what’s good and bad about both.
Everybody hates blackheads and we let you know how you can get rid of them.
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