Must Have Product: Mickey Contractor’s Correctors

We’ve gone on about how much we love the MAC + Mickey Contractor line and though the colour products are amazing, if you just get one product, let it be the Select Moisturecover Concealers that the line offers.  These are not regular concealers.  They are colour correctors that everybody should have in their makeup bag.

Let me explain: the correctors come in a slightly orangy shade (coral) and a slightly yellow shade.  They are perfect for darkening or lightening your foundation or concealers.

I got the Coral Corrector/Yellow Corrector, and it’s essential for me, because I always feel that the foundation colour that most closely matches my skin runs a little light.  In some pictures it looks fine, but in others, you can pretty much tell that I’ve got foundation on.

Now, I don’t wear my foundation without mixing in a drop of the coral corrector first.  It adds just a  hint of warmth, and all of a sudden, the foundation is a perfect match for my skin!  I’m usually an NC 35 with MAC foundation, but I’m wearing NC 30 in their Pro-Longwear foundation, and with the colour corrector, it’s now a perfect colour.  I even mixed it into other brands of foundation and found that it worked equally well.  I have a feeling that in the summer, I’ll be using a darker colour of foundation and so will mix the yellow corrector to make the perfect colour.

Seriously, every medium toned girl needs this, especially if your skin tone gets darker or lighter depending on the season.

Pick this up at your local MAC counter before it’s all gone.  Retails for $25 Canadian.

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  1. swati says:

    Can you ship Mickey Contractor dual corrector to Chicago, Illinois?
    If, so, what is the cost for shipping?

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