My 2013 Beauty Resolutions


I secretly wish I had a few glamorous resolutions like… Go blonde! Or… Perfect a sexy cat eye! But it’s probably the utilitarian nature of my beauty resolutions this year that makes them all the more worthy. I mean, who really resolves to eat more cake? Practical as they are, I will be proud of myself if I’ve mastered these four beauty tasks come December.


Beauty Resolution No. 1: Wash My Hair Twice a Week

I am both blessed and blighted in the hair department. My hair is strong and thick, yay.  It also takes a full 45-minute wrestling match with a blow dryer to tame it post-shampoo, uhg. Although I can get away with washing my hair once a week, I feel more polished if I style it more frequently. So I resolve to give up an additional weeknight to my hair dryer. I’m hoping the Boar Detangling Brush ($24) from Sephora will knock a few minutes off of my average blowout.


Beauty Resolution No. 2: Exfoliate and Do a Masque Every Week

It would be easy to say I’ll indulge in a monthly spa facial, but I know I wouldn’t stick to it. A weekly exfoliation and masque in my own bathroom on the other hand is my minimal beauty duty. For someone as obsessed with exfoliation as I think I am, I’m seriously neglectful when it comes to using a scrub on the regular. I plan to work this into one of my hair wash days because I really do plan to have a life this year as well. My go-to scrub is creamy Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner ($40) and I prefer a clay masque with active charcoal like Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask ($27).


Beauty Resolution No. 4: Replace My Eyelash Curler Pad

I picked up a new Revlon eyelash curler after noticing the clamp on my old one was slicing right through the pad. That can’t be good for my lashes. The new curler came with one replacement pad and I resolve not to lose it. (And actually use it in a few months when the original wears out.)


Beauty Resolution No. 5: Wash My Makeup Brushes

As a borderline germaphobe, I don’t know why I’m not already doing this regularly. Every time I wash my brushes, I cringe at the goop that suds angrily off of the bristles and yet weeks go by before I remember to clean them again. This year, I’m armed with Dr. Bonners Magic Soap ($6.39, 8oz) and a weekly iCalendar reminder.


Did you set any beauty resolutions this year?

Top Photo: Aveda 

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About Cheryl Kozoriz

Cheryl Kozoriz is communications and public relations professional focusing on lifestyle and beauty. She enjoys vegan baking, library visits and a good nude lipstick. Based in Toronto, Cheryl blogs about west end living on She was formally the PR manager for Aveda Canada. Find her on twitter @cherylkozoriz.
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5 Responses to My 2013 Beauty Resolutions

  1. Henna says:

    Cheryl, this post is so inspiring, especially your resolution about blow-drying your hair. Like you, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to doing a blow-out. My hair is super curly and long (past bra strap length), so it’s a major pain blowing it out. But when I do blow it out, the results are worth it.

    Actually, last night I tried letting it dry overnight, and then spritzing with a blow-dry spray and then blowing it out and I’m pretty happy with the results – and it only took me 15 minutes! I might play with the products I use, but it’s definitely way easier than blowing out my hair when it’s still soaking wet from the shower.

  2. Thanks, Henna! I think my life would be perfect if I could get away with air-drying…

  3. Kathy Smith-Woodcock says:

    I know that I am fortunate to have straight fine hair that does not require blowdrying or really much styling, any kind of bob cut works with no effort. While this is great I also have real difficulty in adding any type of wave, curl unless it is a perm I fought with my hair for years as a young person, now just accept that it is straight, soft and shiny, use few products, Aveda only and regular cuts. Simplify and go with something that works for your hair on a day to day, save the fussing for occasions. Also no bed head, my husband says he has nevr seen anyone who doesnt get that at all.Tradeoff is few style options but at least I have stopped the fight and changes include length and gradation etc of same style. Oh and yes I can flip out bottom or curl under (sort of) By mid day it returns to its self, there is no easy way to prevent that. If I want anything else I have it done at a salon

  4. I totally agree, Kathy. I stopped fighting my hair a few years ago and I can hold a style for days. (No bed head either, hurrah!) I just have a lot of hair so it takes ages to dry it. Working with – not against – your hair is really good advice.

  5. Henna says:

    So true – hence I wear my hair curly most days and I’ve learned to be good with it. It’s lower maintenance and it’s less prone to damage.

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