Nail Colour of the Moment

Nail colour of the moment is OPI’s Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow in it’s new suede formulation.  The colour first came out as part of OPI’s Colección de España.  I loved the colour when it first came out because it’s such a rich shimmery forest green. The suede finish is a little easier to wear on my skin tone but the suede finish means that the polish doesn’t show it’s shimmer at all.

Overall it’s a fresh colour for spring and is certainly more sober than some of the really bright colours that I’ve been wearing recently.

I also find that OPI’s matte/suede colours wear better than other mattes. I still wear mine with a base coat to protect and treat my nails. In this case it’s the Yves Rocher base coat that I’m wearing.

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2 Responses to Nail Colour of the Moment

  1. Tracy S. says:

    I think you meant to say a fresh colour for Fall, or did this come out in the Spring? hahaha 🙂
    Love this colour-is it still available?

  2. Henna says:

    This is definitely for Fall in the suede finish. You should be able to find it on counters right now. I saw it out a few weeks ago in Toronto.

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