Nail Polish Swatch: Lancome Bloody Black Cherry

I almost had tears of joy when I saw Lancome’s Mini Vernis that came as part of their French Coquettes collection.  The colour is beyond perfect for fall.  It’s a super dark red – think Chanel Vamp – and is just pure glossy perfection.  There’s no shimmer or glitter.  Just the most perfect colour for fall.  Wearing time is fantastic – with a base and top coat, I can get a week out of this, and that makes me happy.  I hardly ever repeat manicure colours but I’ve worn this 2 weeks in a row already!

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2 Responses to Nail Polish Swatch: Lancome Bloody Black Cherry

  1. Imelda Mclemore says:

    Have been lookin for this shade does anyone have an idea where it can be purchased or a similiar color?????

  2. Henna says:

    Chanel Vamp will do the trick if you can find it. I’m not sure what OPI colour would be a match for this.

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