Nars Look Closer Eyeshadow Palette Review

I really wanted to love this eyeshadow palette.  On first glance, it has everything I would need to build a stunning eye look: a matte base, shimmer eye colour, matte contour colour, and deep liner colour.  However, because this palette is made up of mostly warm tones (eyeshadows I, II, and III are all warm colours) I’ve decided that the colours don’t actually work as well for my colouring which is already warm.  I prefer more cool tones to contrast with the warms, and as such, this palette would work very well for people who have blue or green eyes, because it will contrast nicely with those colours.  

Also, I wasn’t happy with colour II – it wasn’t very pigmented and the shadow in the pan seems to be hard so that not much pigment ends up on my eyeshadow brush.  The way that I’ve worked around this is by wetting my eyeshadow brush before dipping it into the pan and then I get enough product that gives me the effect I want on my eyelids.  It’s a bit of a hassle if I forget to do this, but I’ve decided that the colours don’t work for me anyway. 

I absolutely love the Via Veneto eyeliner that comes with this set – it is worth purchasing this black liner on its own.  It’s very pigmented and a deep dark black that works well with the blue-black of eyeshadow IV which is a very pretty colour.  

Available at Nars counters now.

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