Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil Review

This spring, Nars has released two Soft Touch Shadow Pencils as part of their spring 2011 collection. The colours are Hollywoodland, a shimmery champagne colour, and Celebrate, a shimmery lime green.

The pencils are soft and really easy to apply. You get great colour payoff without really having to press these on to your lids too much.

The problem is that each pencil is extremely greasy so they’re best not used all over the eye. The first time I used Hollywoodland, I found that the colour had settled into my crease within minutes. A primer helped it last longer, but not long enough. My lids were all creased by lunch time.

I even tried this on top of powder placed on top of primer, and it still did not last!

Nars recommends that you use this to add depth and dimension to regular shadow but it was just way too difficult to use, and there’s no way to make it stay put.  Maybe this worked for editorials where you can touch up the makeup every 20 minutes, but in real life, this product just does not work.

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  1. Excellent review. As soon as I saw the picture of these pencils on your site, my first thought was: hmmm, will the colour settle in my creases? You answered the question for me.

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