Natori is the new fragrance by lingerie designer Josie Natori.  Natori is of Filipino descent and grew up in the Phillipines.  She always had fragrance around her when she was growing up and developed a genuine love of scent.

You can see that come out in the scent, because it’s a quite mature perfume.  By that I mean that it’s not a one-note floral (a la Kim Kardashian) or a fruity gourmande (a la Pink Sugar).  This is a scent for someone who wants to smell pretty and like a woman instead of a candy or a grocery store bouquet.

The opening notes of the scent are jasmine and amber, with a hint of rose and plum peeking out of the scent.

The fragrance lasts a really long time and just seems to stick to the skin beautifully.  It’s probably because the notes are actually ones that don’t have a free-spirited evaporating quality to them in the first place, and are more heavy and weighed down.

The juice is well reflected in the fragrance’s bottle.  It’s a beautiful dark plummy glass that has a see-through center that lets you see the juice.  If you like scents and collect them, then this is perfect because the dark glass will ensure that the juice inside doesn’t get ruined when the light hits it.

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