New Cleansers from Soap and Glory

Soap and glory cleansersBritish beauty brand Soap and Glory comes out with two new cleansers this summer: Peaches and Cream Cleansing Milk, and Face Soap and Clarity.

Both cleansers are strongly scented – something the brand is known for – and they smell great: powdery and floral at the same time.

Peaches and Cream is pretty much a traditional cream cleanser: it’s awesome for taking off makeup because it really melts everything and then emulsifies with water when you rinse your skin.  Like most cream cleansers, it can leave a bit of a residue on your skin, so it’s best for people with dry skin who like that extra layer of moisturizer left on their skin after cleansing.  It’s definitely not thick and heavy like some cream cleansers, and mixes with water very easily.  I like using it on wet skin, but you could also pump it on to a cotton pad or makeup wipe, and wipe away your makeup very easily.

Face Soap and Clarity is the cleanser that’s for those of us who like a squeaky clean face.  I use this after using Peaches and Cream and I get really clean skin. The small amount of exfoliating beads in this face wash are pretty to look at, but don’t add anything in the way of exfoliating, making this a pretty basic face wash – but I think that’s ok.  Basics when it comes to cleansers is great, because really, all you’re looking for is for something that will take your makeup off easily and without leaving your skin too dry, and this does the job.

Pick up Soap and Glory products at Shoppers Drug Mart!


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3 Responses to New Cleansers from Soap and Glory

  1. Elisa says:

    So, the Face Soap and Clarity looks like a repackage of their original Face Soap and Clarity face wash. I’ve been studying that picture closely and it seems to be the exact same thing. Do you know if it is? It looks and sounds like it’s just a repackage from your description, but I would be curious to know if the formula has changed.

    And if it is, this is GREAT. It was my go-to cleanser for years, and then it was discontinued from Shoppers. I hope this cleanser shows up in my Shoppers soon (I think I’ll check on it when I go grocery shopping today)!

    I agree that the beads don’t do a darn thing, but the cleanser itself was great, and removed all my makeup in a cinch. I have VERY oily skin, so I usually double up on eye primer to get my shadow to stay all day, and I use a mattifying foundation, so the makeup is stubborn sometimes. I have been using the Paula’s Choice Balancing cleanser, which I like and the price is great, but it doesn’t remove my mascara!

  2. Elisa says:

    *Update: Yup, it is exactly the same product, just repackaged and in a larger size. And the older version was 5 oz for $16, and this one is 11.8 oz for $22, so the value is better too! So excited this is back!

  3. Henna says:

    Awesome Elisa! Glad you found it and thanks for the update!

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