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It’s taken some time, but the newest Dior collection is now on shelves – and in come cases, counters have already sold out of the newest Dior palette. Settle down, it’s not that they’ve sold many pieces – said counter only received 12 to begin with and they are getting another shipment, so if you want to get your hands on this palette, you still can!

Dior is also introducing their first lip plumper – called Lip Maximizer, this sheer liquid is mildly minty and I could hardly feel it on my lips. It’s for those of you who are faint of heart when it comes to plumping glosses, and I did like the unsticky glossiness that this provided.
I think that their best product by far is the new blushes. The colours English Rose and Strawberry Sorbet are part of the new collection, though more will be available in the future. The blushes have a matte shade on one side and a coordinating shimmery one on the other. It’s great because it means you can wear the same colour in varying ways depending on your mood! It’s not the newest or more original idea (Cover Girl, Scott Barnes, and others have done it before) but it’s still a good one. The blushes are just pigmented enough and even though you may only be using half a blush, the pans are big enough that you can really just dip your blush brush into one side and pick up enough colour.
Look for the new Dior line at your local Dior counter.

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