New Drybar Double Standard Cleansing and Conditioning Foam

Drybar’s new Double Standard Cleansing and Conditioning Foam was basically made for people who wash their hair daily – those of you who workout regularly and then need to wash the sweat out of your hair, this is for you!

Washing hair daily can be really drying on the hair, and that’s usually why we need to follow up with conditioner and lots of styling product.  Our hair just can’t take being washed so much.  Double Standard is a gel to foam cleanser that washes your hair without any of the suds.  It goes on like a foam, but feels like a slippery conditioner.  It cleans your roots but makes your ends feel moisturized.  

If you don’t have very dry hair, chances are that you won’t need to follow up with conditioner, but if you have frizzy dry hair, then you might want to reach for a conditioner.  

My hair is dry and prone to tangles but I’m finding that I can use just the Double Standard and that’s enough cleansing and conditioning for me – but I’m following up with styling products anyways. It’s not exactly a co-wash (a conditioner used to cleanser your hair) but it’s really a cleanser that has moisturizing properties.  Magically, it leaves your hair clean but also detangled and hydrated. 

Drybar recommends you use this daily, and then use regular shampoo and conditioner every 2-4 washes, and I have to agree.  After a while, I find that the oils have built up too much and I start to miss the squeaky clean feeling that regular shampoo and conditioner gives me, so I shampoo and condition once a week, and use just conditioner or Double Standard the rest of the week when I’m washing my hair.  It’s perfect to toss in a gym or pool bag, because you just need to take one product with you instead of two.  

Pick it up at Sephora or Nordstrom for $38.39.

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