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If you’ve stopped into Holt Renfrew recently, you may have seen the brand new Bond No. 9 display and wondered about the perfume line.

Well wonder no longer – Bond No. 9 perfumes take their inspiration from aspects of New York. Sometimes it’s areas of New York, such as Bryant Park which is where Fashion Week goes down, or they take inspiration from ideas that have to do with New York, like my favourite fragrance, Scent of Peace.

Each perfume is rich, unique, and comes in its own iconic bottle.

A while ago, the Andy Warhol Foundation approached Bond No. 9 and asked them if they’d like to do perfumes based on the artist and his work. Of course, the brand was thrilled at the prospect of working in the memory of an artist that was so “New York” just like Bond No. 9!

So last year, we saw the launch of Silver Factory, the first in a series of perfumes. The bottle is inspired by the Warhol Campbell Soup Can Silkscreens and the scent itself is a smoky blend of incense, amber, and cedarwood. I adore smoky fragrances so this one had my heart right from the beginning.

This year, Bond No. 9 has released Union Square, which is quite different because it’s a floral. Again, the bottle design is inspired by Warhol’s work.

The scent’s top notes are Lily of the Valley and it eventually dies down to a mix of Freesia, amber, and musk. It’s a nice scent that’s floral but sweet at the same time. Like all Bond No. 9 bottles, this one has a heft to it and looks unique compared to everything else that’s on your counter.

Warhol had actually made 10 screenprints entitled Flowers and so to commemorate his work, Bond No. 9 is also going to be producing 10 Union Square bottles, each with a different print on it, and sold as a set.

If you want something new and unusual to add to your fragrance wardrobe, head over to the Bond No. 9 counter at Holt Renfrew. You may find something that you weren’t looking for but love.

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  1. Arianne says:

    Ooh thanks for the FYI! I’ve been wondering where I can take a whiff of these in Toronto…

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