New From Stila: One Step Bronze

Stila’s newest product for the summer is their One Step Bronze Illuminating Serum. They say that it is “A serum that instantly bronzes, illuminates, primes and nourishes, and gives skin a sun-kissed glow.”

The bottle is so impressive, because you can see a matte tan, a shimmery bronze, and their signature kitten coloured pigmented swirled throughout a clear base. I imagined that the colours mixing together would form a pretty tinted moisturizer like serum that made my skin look flawless.

I was disappointed.

While the clear base of this serum is great – it is light, refreshing, yet highly moisturizing – I did not like the pigments that it contained. Though there is a matte tan colour in there, unfortunately, the overall effect is too shimmery to use alone on bare skin. This may make a lovely illuminating primer, but to use it as a bronzer come primer just won’t work because it doesn’t have enough pigment and the pigment that it does have is the shimmery kind. I would have liked a matte with a touch of shimmer effect, but that’s not present here either.

That said, I did find one great use for this: as an body shimmer lotion. Because the base is so hydrating it works so well on my arms, and the formula is so light that it absorbs in a flash. This product is perfect for highlighting the shoulders and chest area without much muss or fuss.

Pick it up wherever Stila products are sold.

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