New Live Clean Extra Body Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner

Friends, Biotin is a buzz word in the hair industry right now.  It’s in Viviscal and other supplements that promise to fix your hair, skin, and nails.  Guess what?  I’ve been taking Biotin pills daily since September and I haven’t noticed any difference but that’s just me.  Still, there’s gotta be proof that it works, because it’s an ingredient found in seafood, and seafood promises to help your hair grow too.  Biotin is so popular, that I’ve seen a warning on my blood-test form that you have to disclose that you’ve been taking it because it can interfere with some tests that they give.

Anyway, Biotin is the key ingredient in Live Clean’s Extra Body Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner, and the line doesn’t promise to make your hair grow, but it can make it more voluminous.

I love Live Clean’s shampoos and conditioners.  They’re among the best you can get at the drugstore because they wash away clean but still moisturize.  The Biotin shampoo and conditioner is no different.  That shampoo is light because it’s not meant to weigh down your hair, and the conditioner is light but still gets out the major tangles that I have.  The line is so light that it really does make your hair more airy and voluminous.

I love both of them, and as always, I’m using the conditioner as a cleansing conditioner every other day because I find that my hair doesn’t like being shampooed too much.  The Live Clean conditioners work best for this because they’re just so light and if you don’t use shampoo, then they’re the best kind of cleansing and conditioning in one.

You can find the Biotin line at drugstores now.  $7.99 each.


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