New L’Occitane Cleanser with 5% Shea Butter

So this cleanser has 5% shea butter in it but it didn’t break me out, so there’s a good chance it won’t break you out either!

I’m using peels and acids on the regular, so if I wash my face with something too soapy, it leaves my skin dry and tight which just means that I have to use more moisturizer afterwards instead of my beloved serums, so instead, I’m washing my skin with something more gentle and it’s totally working. 

L’Occitane’s new Shea Foaming Cleanser contains 5% shea butter, but it’s still soapy and foaming so it actually does wash your face without any build-up or residue.  But, because it’s got the creamy shea butter in it, the cleanser also doesn’t strip your skin of any and all moisture and just leaves it soft and clean. 

Check it out at L’Occitane boutiques for $28 or online.

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