New L’Oreal Elnett Sleekissime Hair Spray

L'Oreal Sleekissime hairsprayL’Oreal’s Elnett line has been hitting it out of the park recently.  First there was the heat protecting sprays and now there’s this amazing new hairspray which is meant especially for ponytails.  If you’re a ponytail girl, you know what you need this hairspray for: you want your hair to stay in place and be smooth and shiny, but still have movement.  This is the hairspray that can give you that, but I’m going to add that it’s not just for ponytails; it’s also for preserving a blowout.

The Elnett Sleekissisme hair spray has micro waxes in it that help add shine and hold to your hair.  There are also polymers that help block out humidity (I’ve yet to try this in Toronto over the summer, but you know I will!) and that’s what I find helps preserve a blowout.  This hairspray helped my hair survive major splashing as my daughter took a bath, so I’m going to say that it could withstand a lot.  I’ve worn it when I’m going out in the snow, and my hair survived, so I’m pretty impressed.

I apply this to my hair right after I straighten it and then try not to touch it for atleast 10 minutes so that the spray has a chance to set.  It’s ultra shiny and not crunchy, so it’s difficult to overdo applying the spray.  My hair is still soft and smooth to the touch, but it stays straight for a lot longer.

This spray also has a new rose scent but if you’re a regular wearer of rose perfumes, let me tell you that you’re not going to like this and it’s just going to smell like hairspray usually does.  People in my house could not stand the scent of this hairspray, so I have to apply it in well ventilated areas.

That said, it is probably one of the nicest hairsprays I’ve ever tried and you can get it at drugstores for $14.99 this December!

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