New Perfume: Calvin Klein Beauty

I was in high school when CK One came out, and I remember loving it but never having to buy it because everyone else already wore it and so I could smell it all day.

I now actually despise the scent, and haven’t truly loved another Calvin Klein perfume.  I find Eternity too boring, and Euphoria’s too much of a gourmand.

But Beauty is different and I bet nobody in high school is wearing it.

This is a scent for more sophisticated noses, and I think it’s safe to say that it shows us where the trend is in perfumes.  Expect to see less fruity sweet scents and more of those that are complex.

Beauty is primarily a floral scent, and is a bit of a garden.  The notes are pretty well blended and are so smooth that I have a hard time pinning any of them down.  Though the press notes state Lily and Jasmine in the blend, I can’t smell either of them in the final blend.

The initial scent does have some fruity sweet notes but they’re ephemeral, and the drydown is exceptionally clean and musky.  This is a scent that adds character without overpowering.  It stays in the background but like the best backgrounds, it adds something of itself. It’s an elegant scent and I wear it on the days when I want to smell fresh but not like soap.

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2 Responses to New Perfume: Calvin Klein Beauty

  1. Did you say “less fruity sweet scents????” It’s about time! I’m a woman in my late 20s who doesn’t want to start off smelling like vanilla then end the day smelling like cotton candy. Some more complex top, mid and base notes are required. Looking forward to this new trend. And I’m heading to the mall tonight and will stop by the perfume store (I dunno how they work in there I’d have a migraine after five minutes) and sample this. Thanks Henna! Your posts are always so informative!

  2. Henna says:

    Hey Christina,

    I totally hear you about wanting some complexity in fragrances. Did you know that Pink Sugar is a best-seller at Sephora? I can’t believe women want to smell like that! I should say that Beauty isn’t really complex but it’s a nice smooth fresh floral. Let me know what you think!

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