New Perfume: Lush Tuca Tuca

Lush has a new scent called Tuca Tuca, and it is based on the violet flower.  All I can say is although this smells just like a Lush store, which to me is a dream come true, the scent is quite a bit different from their old standby Karma, which also seemed to smell like a Lush store.

While Karma is noticeably spicy and kind of hippy-ish, Tuca Tuca is fresh, floral, with a dry down of vanilla and sandalwood.

The sillage and lasting power is impressing, but that’s nothing new for Lush.  They are known for creating tenacious scents, most of which I absolutely love.

Tuca Tuca is available in a solid scent form, a massage bar, a travel spray, and a regular 30ml bottle which sells for $30.  I am finding the packaging to be quite hideous and cheap looking.  I am guessing that the dark bottle is so that the ingredients inside are preserved, and perhaps to match the rest of the Lush skincare packaging, but I would much prefer a glass bottle for my scents, than this one.

Tua Tuca is already at Lush boutiques.

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