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For years I’ve been using AHA’s and BHA’s as part of my beauty routine. They are the only ingredients that helped rid me of the occasional breakout and faded my acne scars. I was aided in the fact that products containing these ingredients were easy to find at the drugstore and didn’t cost much for the most part.

But I’d always read the ingredients of the newest and nicest (also the most expensive) lotions at the department stores, and hardly any of them would contain AHA’s or BHA’s. Sometimes they would be present, but only in the most miniscule amounts and amounting to no improvement on one’s skin.

And now there’s Revive, which not only contains glycolic acid, but also something that they call the Epidermal Growth Factor and  recommends regular exfoliation on all levels.  The Epidermal Growth factor is a peptide that helps your skin regenerate itself when you apply it.  The doctor that created the Revive line, Dr. Gregory Bays Brown, was involved in researching what makes our organs heal themselves, and when he found the Growth Factor for the skin, he knew that it was something special.  A plastic surgeon by profession, he wanted to create something that would renew the skin when it was getting dull and gray, and he wanted something that people could use at home instead of going out to get costly treatments.

Indeed, that is the whole concept behind Revive. The way to revive your skin is by helping it regenerate itself, and the way you can do that is by getting rid of the old skin cells which can be so bothersome and useless.

I tried the Revive trial kit which included the Exfoliating Cleanser, Toner, and Skin Renewal Moisturizer. The exfoliating cleanser starts off as a grainy cream that produces a rich foam on the skin and gets rid of dull skin cells. The toner is alcohol free and freshly scented, the yes, the Skin Renewal Moisturizer is super moisturizing and creamy, but also has glycolic acid in it to exfoliate your skin while you’re using it! It’s a great system and one that I’ve really enjoyed using. The trial sizes are also pretty generous and a treat to use daily.

The system has been on department store counters for about 13 years, and it’s now available at Holt Renfrew here in Canada.  The products actually work and have so much science that have gone into them.  The great things about the products is that there’s not a whole bunch of them to choose from at the counter.  Each product is introduced to the public when it’s perfect and when it does something that no other product in the line can do.  That’s why the Moisture Renewal Cream was introduced 13 years ago, and it’s still on the counter today, and it works!

Head to the Revive counter, and experience the products for yourself.  They are top of the line, and formulated to work.

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3 Responses to New – Revive Skincare

  1. Wynzie says:

    I really liked this too, Henna. The renewal cream is incredible!

  2. Diane Hewitt says:

    Please do not send me anymore Revive Products

  3. T Hunter says:

    DO NOY BUY this product unless you like to throw your money away. Be careful of the small print as I found out too late that if you don’t like it you must send their “FREE” trial back, in original packing or you will be charge the full price and they will keep sending every moth until you personally cancel. I talked to someone on the phone shortly after I received the “FREE TRIAL” and I told them I did not want anything else sent to me, apparently they didn’t tell the powers that be. The product caused a red rash under my eyes. I will tell as many people as I can NOT TO PURCHASE this product, just go to the Drug Store and purchase something similar and you won’t be sent more every month and charged a crazy price for something you did not want.

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