Newtopia and My Genetics

It’s time for an update on Newtopia.

I failed to update you all on how my diet plan is going.  Maybe that’s because last week I didn’t really lose any weight and was at a plateau.  At the end of the week, my newtopia coach and I determined that a week of skipping breakfast for the week definitely wasn’t a good idea and I must eat regularly throughout the day so that my metabolism keeps going!

Situation rectified and I’m back to shedding those pounds this week!

We all skip or rush through breakfast when we’re running late in the mornings, but I had no idea that this could play such a vital role in my weight loss or gain.  I think that if I didn’t eat breakfast, I usually ended up eating more at another time in the day and that wasn’t good for my diet plan.  Surprisingly, when you’re trying to lose weight, it’s really important to eat!

Also, yesterday I finally got the results of my genetics test.  Newtopia tests for 3 genes: the FTO gene which is the body fat gene; the MC4R gene which tells you about your appetite; and the DRD2 gene which talks about your eating behaviour.

Without really getting into the specifics of each gene, it turns out that I have 2 of the MC4R gene, which means that I can’t always tell if I’m hungry or full.  People with this gene tend to overeat by a lot, or they don’t eat until they’re super hungry because they haven’t felt slightly hungry before.  It definitely shows up in some of my eating behavior.  I had a tendency to love buffets so much, and I have in the past eaten so much at them that I felt sick.  It definitely wasn’t a good thing and is a behaviour that I would like to get a handle on.  Knowing about it has meant that I’ve vowed to avoid buffets all together from now on.  I clearly can’t tell when I can’t eat any more and the last thing that I need is a bottomless display of food in front of me.

This kind of behaviour also means that you snack a lot, especially on fatty foods.  This is also true: I can’t avoid cookies no matter what I do, and I can’t stop eating them even when I’m not hungry!  The solution to this is to have lots of healthy snacks on hand that I can munch on without resulting in gaining too much weight.

Overall, knowing the answers to my genetics tests has meant a change in my food guide too.  I’m to eat fewer fats than usual and more protein.  I also have to try to stick to the recommended servings and that should curb my habit of just mindlessly putting food into my mouth.

I feel good about this plan and about newtopia in general.  I love the balance of exercise, healthy eating, and coaching, and I’m learning so much about myself along the way!

If you would like to try this for yourself, check out  You can get assessed and have a plan set up for you, as well as 6 coaching sessions for as little as $99.  You’re not buying food or anything from them, so the cost of staying on the plan is quite reasonable and it’s totally worth it!  This can help you get in shape, lose those few extra pounds, and finally keep the weight off.

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