Newtopia’s Food and Your Diet

Before Newtopia, you never would have believed that I actually ate a protein bar for breakfast, but it’s true!  That’s exactly what I did this morning, and it’s probably what I’m going to do tomorrow morning too.

As part of Newtopia, you have the option to actually get their help in eating as well as staying on track with their diet.  Newtopia has vitamins that you can buy through them (there are many different kinds to choose from including a mix of Vitamin B6, green tea extract, and omega 3, 6, 9, among other things) but you can also get a food supplement through them.

These are the Newtopia Bars, and they’re a fantastic alternative to the traditional granola bar.  In fact, I’m so impressed with these that I don’t know why there aren’t more products like them out on the market.

The Newtopia Bars are totally unlike any other bar you’ve tried.  Instead of being chock full of carbs and sugars, they’re made out of soy so they’re actually a source of protein.  IN fact, they’re so rich in protein that you can use them as a replacement for one of your meat servings in a day.

The bars are crunchy, have only 3 g of fat (less than half the fat of a typical granola bar!), 140 calories, and a low glycemic index.

I have to say that they don’t taste as good as regular granola bars, because the flavours lack depth and interest.  The cinnamon flavour tastes like artificial cinnamon flavouring and the lemon bar was even worst.  Still, I have them on hand and I would rather eat them than regular granola bars because I know that in the long run they’re going to help me lose weight!

And don’t forget that I’m giving away a voucher for someone to try Newtopia absolutely FREE.  Enter here.

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