Nicole by OPI “One Less Lonely Girl Collection” inspired by Justin Bieber

Nicole by OPI is coming out with a nail polish collection inspired by Justin Bieber. I usually buy nail polishes based purely on the colour not the marketing ploy behind it, and I’m guessing that girls that buy this, will grow up to buy Chanel nail polish on eBay for $150. Can you tell that I don’t get the pull behind the colours? But I would really love to know whether you’re going to be picking up products from the Justin Bieber nail polish collection and why. Is there a collector kind of pull to these? I would love to know.

The colours will be:

Me + Blue
A metallic deep blue that’s just perfect for you.

You have to see this metallic red to be-lieb it!

Step 2 the Beat of My Heart
Take the lead with this heart-filled hue.

My Lifesaver
Go overboard in color with this soft mint green!

“Baby” Blue
A sweet light blue that totally loves you.

One Time Lime
A vibrant lime that’s worth your time.

I’m A Belieber
This popular purple has quite the following.

Red-y to Runaway Love?
Run away with this riveting red.

Make U Smile
Mood-boosting bunches of silvery glitter!

I’ve Got Bieber Fever
This gorgeous dark plum is super contagious!

Not A Gold Bigger
A genuinely glamorous gold that you’ll never take for granted.

Pictured above are Give me The First Dance, OMB!, Me and Blue, Step 2 the Beat of My Heart, and Prized Possession Purple.

All 14 shades will be available at the drugstore in February 2011 for $10.99

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5 Responses to Nicole by OPI “One Less Lonely Girl Collection” inspired by Justin Bieber

  1. AnnieA says:

    I’d have a slight disinclination to look at a celebrity-based collection, although if I did manage to see something I liked I might buy it. Admission: did have a sniff of “Like this”, because it was inspired by SWINTON!

  2. Linnea says:

    .. I feel like puking.

    Seriously.. the names are gag worthy, but im sure that was what they were going for.

    No, I would not buy nail polish(ANY nail polish) because its associated with someone(doesn’t matter if they’re my FAVOURITE celeb ever..). I will buy nail polish where the formula is good and I want the colour. And I think that most people(I hope!) are like that.

    As for this collection, I feel like boycotting it just on the fact that they thought this was a good marketing ploy. Doesn’t look like any of the colours are must-haves, and even if they were, I’d be hesitant solely based on the fact that they’re associated with the Bieb.

  3. Henna says:

    Thanks for commenting Linnea and AnnieA. I have to admit that the only time that a celebrity endorsement makes me check something out is when it’s a perfume! I always want to know what the celebrities would create when they could create anything that they wanted. However, I must say that usually I’m let down. The only celeb scent I’ve liked to date is SJP’s Lovely.

  4. Courtney says:

    I kind of actually like the colors, and the descriptions for it. I’m not going to buy it just because the Biebs helped them name it, or whatever, but because I honestly like the colors. And it helps too that my daughter likes him :] Chances are though, where I live they will NOT Be getting this collection so guess I might be looking on eBay for some of these.

    Thank you though for seriously being the only blogger that put the release month up.

  5. erin wiechenthal says:

    I’m definitely buying the Mint Green because 1. i love the colour 2. i love biebs and 3.i get a discount on it at work anyways
    but mostly because i love the colour

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