No-Weight Shine On Your Hair

Shiny hair… it’s that one thing that we want and it’s just within our reach.  A good wash and some light conditioning is really all you need, and less is more when it comes to putting styling products in your hair. 

kerastase-elixer-ultime-oilIn the past, I’ve been a huge fan of Kerastase’s Elixer Ultime.  It’s a serum that has oils in it and it makes your hair so smooth and shiny and nice to touch.  If that was too heavy for you, then you need to try the Kerastase Elixer Ultime Bi-Phase Oil Mist.  It’s a light version of the Elixer Ultime offering the same conditioning oils and light-weight hydration but without weighing the hair down quite as much.  While I used the Elixer Ultime before styling my hair, I use the mist after styling to add some shine and take away any frizz that might be remaining. You can use it before styling too as a heat protector. 

$56 at salons.

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