Nubar Nail Polishes

I received a package of nail polishes by Nubar.

I was unfamiliar with the brand, but they are “big 3” free so I was eager to try them. One of the colours that I got was “Blackberry”, which is a beautiful deep purplely-red colour.

I wanted to like the polish, I really did. The problem was that I couldn’t get the nice deep colour that was in the bottle very easily. I think that polishes should need no more than 2 coats to be at their best, and this one took 4! Add a top coat and a base coat, and that means that after 6 coats of polish, I had the nail colour that I liked. It is a little unreasonable to say the least.

In any case, I also tried the polish without a base and top coat (I always do when I’m testing polishes) and I found that no matter what I did, this polish chipped so easily.

That coupled with the fact that it was so difficult for me to get the right colour meant that I’ve discarded the polish for good and would not recommend it.

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