O By Lancome Perfume Review

As the weather gets warmer, we begin to see lighter perfumes, and those that are supposed to be eaus. When we get warmer, the last thing we want is to be doused in a heavy oppressing scent, and so I actually seem to gravitate towards the eaus because they are so easy to wear and completely unoffensive.

I am reviewing O by Lancome because pretty soon they are launching its flanker, O d’Azur.

O is a an eau fraiche, which means that it’s meant to be light and refreshing. For an Eau Fraiche, I have to say that O is way more long-lasting than most eau’s out there, and it’s got a tenacity despite its mixture of light fresh notes.

It’s a citrus scent and has notes of citrus, vetiver, honeysuckle, jasmine, sandalwood, and oakmoss. I wasn’t too keen on the opening because it smells so strong and very much like a men’s cologne, but the drydown is absolutely lovely and it’s worth waiting for. It’s musty and well rounded, and that’s why this scent is so long lasting.

O is already available at Lancome counters everywhere. It was actually first released in 1969, and it used to come in a frosted glass bottle which has now become clear because of the launch of the d’Azur flanker.

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