October Nylon – Emma Stone

The uber-fun Emma Stone is on the October issue of Nylon magazine.  Does anyone else feel that she’s doing all that Lindsay Lohan tried to do but couldn’t?  I mean, this girl can act, and she has comedic talent to wit, and I think that it’s such a smart choice to have her on the cover of Nylon instead of the usual Elle, Teen Vogue, etc. though it could be that she’s just not big enough for those magazines yet.

The gothic theme reminds me of that movie Hocus Pocus – has anyone else out there seen it?  Remember Sarah Jessica Parker as a witch?  Anyway, clearly this is an update seeing as this witch wears Marc Jacobs and Just Cavalli, and I kinda want to steal the whole look for everyday.  Teased hair, lots of eyeliner and mascara, and gauzy dresses with mittens.  I can pull that off, can’t I?

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