Ojon Super Sleek Hair Straightening System Review

Keratin and keratin-free smoothing systems have been hitting the market left, right, and centre, and new to the game is Ojon’s Super Sleek Hair Straightening System. The brand offers a somewhat safe system that can be used at home and isn’t supposed to be terribly bad for the hair.

Before going much further, I’ll say that I had a Keratin-free smoothing treatment done at the salon last August, and though it looked good for a week, it left my hair terribly weak and thin. Months after the treatment, I’m still waiting for my long locks to grow back completely. The brand that people are most familiar with when they think of Keratin treatments is Brazilian Blowout. The brand had negative press because of their use of formaldehyde in the formula. It’s an ingredient that could be a possible carcinogen and is partly to blame for the awful smell that Brazilian Blowouts had. With the downfall of Brazilian Blowouts, other brands came out with their own formaldehyde formulae (and I tried one) but it turns out that the formula just turns into formaldehyde gas when heated. That steam that comes off your hair during your straightening process – not good. The heating is necessary to straighten your hair, and so it seems as if there really isn’t escaping from a formula that does a certain amount of damage to your hair.

If you’re interested in finding out more information, check out the Environmental Working Group website.

Regardless, when Ojon came out with their own Super Sleek Straightening System, I was intrigued. I got ready to try the straightening treatment, which is supposed to be formaldehyde-free, and not as bad for your hair. However, as soon as I opened the bottle of straightener, the smell told me that all was not well. My suspicions were up, I couldn’t find a list of ingredients for the system on the internet, or anywhere else, and an email to Ojon’s customer service went unanswered.

So, I passed on the actual Smoothing Treatment.

Instead, I kept on using the shampoo and conditioner, which are $27 and $28 respectively on TheShoppingChannel.com, and are formulated to be gentle yet smoothing and cleansing on hair. They are sulfate-free, and formulated with Ojon oil so they condition as they work. My super fine dry hair just soaked up the conditioner, and I found that it was nearly impossible to use too much of the stuff.

The verdict on Ojon’s Super Sleek Hair Straightening System remains to be decided, and because of my already fine and delicate hair, I’m not going to try it.

Have you tried an at-home hair straightening system? What was your experience with it?

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8 Responses to Ojon Super Sleek Hair Straightening System Review

  1. Lien says:

    .As a former hairstylist I have to say, when companies try to sell you on something gentle they try their darned best to avoid the chemical composition. In surprised there isn’t an ingredient list on the packaging as required by Canadian law for all cosmetics. Most likely there would have to be some form of tho and ammonia in there in order to get into the hair shaft and do its thing. For your ever so fine and fragile hair a once a week protein treatment would be ideal (no more or it’ll make your hair brittle…too much of a good thing is also bad.)

  2. lauren amin says:

    Rusk. It rocks! But it kinda dries out your hair.

  3. Henna says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Lein! I have to say that I’m not a fan of protein treatments. I had one after a botched Keratin treatment and I feel like it just made things worst. My hair felt drier and more brittle afterwards.

  4. Judy says:

    Lien, what is the best treatment for thick, course and frizzy red hair. I had a keratin treatment at a salon in New York and was told it would last 6 months…wrong! It only lasted 2 months and after spending $350 plus a tip I was really disappointed. What product/products can I use at home and what would you recommend at the salon?

  5. Henna says:

    I like the Kerastase Discipline line and the accompanying salon treatment. My hair is noticeably smoother after I use it.

  6. Cyndi Conover says:

    Absolutely love the Ojon Super Sleek shampoo and conditioner. I have naturally way hair and nothing controls it for a short bob but Ojon does. Unfortunately, I can no longer find the products. What a shame!

  7. Henna says:

    Yes, have not seen them anywhere for a while, Cyndi!

  8. D Jones says:

    I love the ojon hair leave in gloss cream right now i have extreamly dry and tight hair but very frgile and thin it leaves my hair glazed and i love it, I wondered about the shampoo and oill conditioner, i have found that i have a dry scalp due to psoriasis of some sort i gave up on dermatologist they ngame me some expensive medicine that had steriod in it and i had a bad experience.

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