Ojon Tawaka Ball

Sometimes I like to look at beauty products that were launched a long time ago and reminisce. Ojon was a brand that came out in the 2000’s and focused on an oil found in the Amazon. They had hair products that were moisturizing and so nice for your hair, but now they are no longer! The brand got bought out by Estee Lauder, and then went into oblivion. But they came out with this cool exfoliator that I really enjoyed.

I think it’s pretty clear that I have an intense love of exfoliators. I use them year-round and simply adore them because they really help your skin look its best. The greatest thing is that they’re usually exfoliating which means that you save a step when it comes to getting ready.My latest love is Ojon’s Tawaka “The Ball” which smells and indeed looks like a ball of delicious chocolate.

Hold the ball under warm running water and the chocolaty-substance starts to melt and you can rub it all over your body. Under the smooth exterior lies lots of little scrubby bits that remind me of coffee grounds and they have the perfect amount of exfoliating power. The exfoliating doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t leave a residue. Plus, the circular motion of rubbing is said to increase circulation and the substance has antioxidant properties with is just a bonus.

Does anyone else remember Ojon?

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