My Favourite Lip Balm Brand Has an Ombre Lipstick

Lip balm season is here… and my favourite lip balm also has an ombre lipstick that I want to tell you guys about. Have you guys tried the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask?  It is seriously the best lip balm I’ve ever tried, so much so that I give it to my kids, but keep it out of their reach because I don’t want to waste any of it.  It goes on rich and creamy, with lots of shine, and lets you wake up to completely healed lips.  I mention it to everyone I know because it’s so amazing.

Korean brand Laneige has a lipstick that is just as moisturizing as its lip balm.  But there’s more.  The lipstick is a Two Tone Lipstick which combines a dark colour with a light one to create an ombre effect on your lips.  Truly, the lipstick works quickly and easily, and whether you do the darker colour on the outside or inside of your lips, you really get that gradient of light to dark pigment.

That said, my favourite way to wear these lippies is by mixing the two colours together, and wearing this as a traditional lipstick.  The finish is satiny smooth, and the formula is super moisturizing, so it leaves my lips feeling better than they were when I started.  Not only that, but the lipstick leaves a stain on your lips, so the final effect is soft moisturized berry stained lips, which not even a typical lip stain can achieve.

You can get Laneige products at Sephora stores or

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2 Responses to My Favourite Lip Balm Brand Has an Ombre Lipstick

  1. Stephanie Haly says:

    I keep wanting to try the Laneige lip mask and I think you’ve finally convinced me. Thanks for the glowing reviews.

  2. Henna says:

    I keep reviewing it… because I keep buying it. Totally worth it.

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