OPI Black Shatter Swatch

I have friends who are calling every salon in the city trying to get their hands on OPI’s Shatter polishes.  They are not out until May, but the Black Shatter is at least a little bit more likely to be found because it was released earlier this year.  I have not found a salon that still has it, and most salons were sold out too quickly.

Nevertheless, here’s my picture of the Black Shatter.  I am wondering whether OPI will make this permanent anytime soon, and if it does, then the polish just won’t be cool anymore, and I certainly won’t be wearing it.

The Shatter polishes are matte, and look best if they are topped with a glossy top coat.  I use Seche Vite, and get about 4 days of wear.  It doesn’t last as long as my regular polish but that’s the payoff I guess.

I kind of didn’t love the black shatter – the effect looks messy to me and I like more neat nails. Other people really like this on me, though, and I’ve had lots of requests to borrow the polish so that everyone can try it.

What do you think?  Is this an effect you want?


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