Organic Apothacary Products

There’s something about an apothecary that I really like – I think it’s the idea that products are made fresh and by one person instead of a machine and perhaps that’s why I’m drawn into stores like Lush.

My newest discovery is a company called Cocoon Apothecary and I absolutely love their Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream. Unlike other organic face care products I’ve tried, this one absorbs into the skin immediately and doesn’t make me break out. Add that to the fact that it contains organic rosehip oil that is so good for the skin and really helps rejuvenate it and make it glow.

All the Cocoon Apothecary products come in glass bottles and are formulated with all organic ingredients! They also make fantastic body lotions that smell nice but only because of the sweet-smelling ingredients they contain. Check them out at

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