Organic Everything?

So as we become more conscious of the environment and our impact on it, there’s a trend towards using more organic/natural products instead of whatever’s been working for us.

Is there really a need?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  I still think that what matters is whether the product works for you.  If you get an organic facial cleanser and you have to use double the amount to even get your makeup off, then you’re probably using more water anyway, and that’s not good for the environment.

A product that comes to my mind is Organic perfume which is becoming more and more popular.  Roots’ new scents are of that nature and for some reason, there’s the association of being healthier if you use an organic scent.

The only problem is that although these perfumes smell really nice, they have almost no staying power. Is it really worth it to spray something into the air where it has no impact?  You can decide that for yourself, but I’ve decided that it’s not for me.  I like my scents to last, and I’m very happy when I can get one that stays on with just one spray.

What do you think?  Are you starting to buy more things that are organice or does it not have an effect on your purchasing choices?  We want to know!

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