Own an Original

It’s that time of year – we’re getting rid of eyeshadows and lipsticks that we haven’t used for ages and cleaning our brushes before getting ready to apply work-appropriate makeup.

Why not get a new makeup bag as well?

If you want something beautiful and original check out Sweet T Original Makeup bags. They are handmade which means that each and every bag has been carefully constructed especially for you. My favourite one is the Habanera II (below). Not only is the outside fabric beautiful but all the bags are lined with matching coloured satin. The one below is lined in gold satin which makes it look especially lux. These bags are truly one of a kind.

Note that Sweet T also makes totes and wristlets. The company delivers to Canada as well. The shipping charge to Canada is normally $3.95, but until February 28, 2007 Canadian Beauty readers can get free shipping by using the code CDNBEAUTY at the checkout. Happy Shopping!

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