Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation Review Video

The foundation has a long name, but in this short video, you can watch me put it on.  And check it out, it DOES NOT move when it sticks to your skin but it’s still not drying, so that’s pretty cool.  Wasn’t the best for my oily skin – my skin gets oily in minutes – but if you have dry skin, this will hydrate but still stay on which is unique in the foundation world.

See for yourself:

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Avon Magix Prime Face Perfector SPF 20 Sunscreen

If you have oily skin, but you want to wear sunscreen that’s not greasy, this is going to be the best $15 that you spend. It’s Avon’s Magix Prime which used to be called just Magix, and I used it back in 2016!

Awesome Sunscreen for Oily Skin

Now it’s called Magix Prime and it has updated black and white packaging.  The formula seems to be pretty similar to what I used way back then but I can’t be sure because I don’t have them side by side.

This is a silicone-heavy, very powdery sunscreen that is completely clear.  Avon says that you can use it as a makeup primer, because it’s oil-free and it absorbs oil, but honestly, everyone in my house loves using this because it’s non-greasy and clear.  It definitely helps makeup glide on and it looks flawless for hours.  You can definitely wear this under foundation or on its own, and both ways will help your skin look smoother.

If you avoid sunscreen because you don’t like how greasy it is, then this one is for you.  It only has SPF 20, but that might be enough if you spend most of your day inside.

Available online.

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Scott Barnes Chic Palette

Are you familiar with Scott Barnes? No? He was Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist and the one who came up with her glowy yet ultra-nude look. He finally ended up creating a makeup line that featured colours for every skin-tone and nude glosses and lipsticks that worked on all women.

I have his Chic Palette. The palette contains 3 different blushes in a variety of finishes. The lightest colour has shimmer in it and is best used for highlighting. The middle colour is the brightest and can be used for contouring or for adding a pop of colour on the apple of the cheek. The medium colour is only slightly shimmery and is great if you’re looking for a more subtle blush colour.

My palette is in Posh which is a pink bordering on peachy.The blushes are not overly powdery which means that you only get as much blush as you need. It also means that it’s so easy to layer your colours instead of ending up with too much. I like the palette a lot and am even thinking of getting one in another colour. Most days, I find myself using the medium colour and I like that if I wanted to highlight or add more colour, I can do so with products that I know are in the same colour family.

Suddenly putting blush on is so much easier!

But then I took out my Bobbi Brown Apricot blush and realized that it is almost the same colour as the brightest shade in the Posh Chic Palette! Take a look at the pictures below. I’ve placed the two blushes side by side.

Overall, both blushes are good, but I like having the three colours in one easy to carry palette. The Chic Palette also has a mirror in it and the packaging is pretty lux. I’ll let you know when and if I get another one.

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Ouai Melrose Place Perfume Review

I haven’t used any of the Ouai products but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a fan.  I’ve been following Jen Atkin, creator of Ouai, for a long time, and I’m a fan of her aesthetic and ideas.

Melrose Place is supposed to be a warm, woody rose, and other notes include bergamot, lychee, and white musk.  I could smell the lychee right from the beginning and its sweetness is not what I typically like in a fragrance.  After a while, the musk comes through and the scent finds some of its woodiness, but this is kind of a sweet fragrance throughout.

This is an eau de parfum, so lasting power is great and just one spray gives enough scent to last the whole day.

Pick it up at Sephora or online.  $87 for 50ml.


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CoverGirl Peacock Fan Mascara Video and Trial

Didn’t like this mascara. Take a look to see why.


Here’s a better picture of the wand.  The bristles are insanely short so I have no idea what kind of lashes they’re supposed to be able to grab.

I would like a smudge-free formula and normal bristles. Thanks!


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From the Archives: MAC Holiday Collection – Heirlooms Clutches and Brushes

Once upon a time, I used to be into travel brushes.  No more.  I suggest not getting travel brushes, and just springing for regular size brushes and a larger makeup bag.  But these were the brushes that MAC came out with a long time ago. What do you think?  Would you get them?

The canister is actually my favourite product because you could leave it open on your vanity so that you have easy access to your brushes at all times.

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My Night Time Routine Video

Here’s my night time routine right now and it’s really not that involved. No essences, no toners. Just double-cleanse and then retinol and moisturizer, if needed. Simple is better. Also, isn’t the Beautycounter Countertime packaging so pretty?


What I use:

Beautycounter Countertime Cleansing oil.
Follow up with CeraVe foaming cleanser.
Then The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid which is watery and a good dose of hydration, and then my retinol.
I showed the Alumier MD Retinol in 1% but it is SUPER STRONG and might be too much for my skin so I’m alternating between that and the Reversa Retinol which is 0.3% so a bit more gentle.

What’s your night time routine?

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MAC Foundation Brush

This MAC Foundation brush is very thickly bristled and so soft. It’s a reminder that MAC has some of the softest brushes in the market which means that they’re soft on your face too. The density of hairs makes it easier to spread foundation around and put only a sheer layer on your skin. It’s now one of my favourite brushes.

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Halloween At MAC

I think that MAC is the only makeup counter that celebrates Halloween. Perhaps this is because they always tout themselves as the line that makeup artists actually use and so it’s fitting that they provide you with possible looks that their makeup products can create.

This season, like every other, there are a range of MAC face charts available to help you figure out how to do a unique and original makeup design. I picked one of my favourites (that looks relatively easy to do) and you can find the complete line of face charts at the MAC website.

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Worth the Hype? Nars Blush

Perhaps one of the questions that I get asked most is “should I get Nars blush?” Nars blush in Orgasm is perhaps the most hyped product in the beauty world. It makes every editor’s “must have” list and every magazine’s “best of” list. Add that to the fact that the packaging is unfailingly chic – a clean black box with a huge mirror inside and sparse white font that makes it a great addition to any makeup bag. Plus, Nars used to be a brand you couldn’t find everywhere – the ubiquitousness of Sephora has changed all that, but the hype remains.

My acquisition of the Nars Orgasm blush is what inspired the “Worth the Hype” series, actually.

I just got two new Nars blushes – Orgasm and Sin, pictured below. Orgasm is a pretty peachy pink, while Sin is a berry colour. Both blushes have a little bit of shimmer in them but are not overly shiny.

Orgasm has been said to work on every skin tone. I don’t normally buy peach blushes, but I really wanted to see if this was as good as everyone says it is. I had tried it in stores, but would this blush work for me at home?

So, I tried it for a week, and the first time I wore it, I really liked it. I can see why makeup artists love it so much – it’s sheer and because of that, it’s hard to make a mistake with it. I would say that if you have no clue what colour blush will work on you and just want something to wake your face up a little, go for the Orgasm. It is virtually goof-proof.

But I like the Sin colour more. I’m just a berry blush kinda gal, and Sin looks really pretty on me.

So is Nars blush worth the hype? I would say yes and no. If you’ve always wanted a Nars blush but have been holding back, go ahead and indulge yourself. But know that almost every single makeup line has equally good blushes, and if you’re worrying about making a mistake, you could get yourself a blush from the MAC Sheertone Blush line. Those blushes are also sheer, and the range has something for everyone.

But Nars blushes are nice and I like them a lot. They’re not too powdery so you never get too much product which means that you can layer colour up slowly and get the perfect amount. After loving the Sin, I really want a Nars blush that doesn’t have any shimmer in it. I know that they’re sheer enough that even the brightest colour will look natural and I guess that’s why they’re so hyped.

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