It Cosmetics CC Cream Drugstore Dupe

Sometimes, you don’t have to buy something from the drugstore to get the best of what’s available.

Case in point: It Cosmetics CC cream, which is a cult favourite. People love it for the amount of coverage it gives, and because of the fact that it’s SPF 50.  It comes in 3 different formulas: matte, regular, and Illumination.

The It Cosmetics CC cream is $52.

You could also try the Maybelline Dream Urban Cover which also has lots of coverage and SPF 50.  Both formulas are basically high SPF foundations available in a range of natural-looking colours.  Honestly, they are my go-tos when I want to be protected during the day.

The Maybelline Dream Urban Cover foundation is $15.99 and available online.

Both foundations have some antioxidants and skin-helping ingredients – but the main thing is that even their packaging is similar, and L’Oreal is the parent company that owns both brands. I actually liked the Maybelline Dream Urban Cover best, because it has the right amount of coverage and looks so natural on my skin.

Have you tried these? What did you think?

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Kevin Murphy Ever Smooth Heat-activated style extender

This is my favourite new hair product, and it launched at a time that I can really give it time to test it out. This is an amazing spray for helping your heat-style your hair. It protects your strands from damage, but it also has hold in it so that whatever you’re doing to your hair will stay a bit better. There’s no slip to this product, so don’t use it like you would use a leave-in conditioner or something, but use it as the last product in your hair styling routine so that it gives you the hold that you need.

I also like to use this on dry hair because it gives extra hold and shine, and I like to use it when I’m not heat-styling my hair because it kind of makes my hair dry extra curly by trapping the moisture in my hair.

Like all Kevin Murphy products, this smells really good. Like wet cedar in the best way. I love spraying this on in the morning to set my hair and I kind of use it like a hairspray after I’m done doing my hair too. I like how my hair looks when it sets and I like the bit of shine this adds to my hair.

Get it where Kevin Murphy products are sold.

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Deciem’s The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% with HA Spheres 2%

I love test-driving products from @deciem.  They don’t break the bank, but you have to order them online.

Right now, I’ve been test-driving this @deciem The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension on my nights off from Retinol. It was super grainy and dry feeling but that was just the first use. After that, it’s been smooth and easy to wear and makes my skin super bright.

The formula of this cream is basically vitamin C powder mixed into Squalane.  Because of that it feels oily and powdery at the same time, and a little bit gritty.  But that’s ok.  It eventually melts into your skin and you can totally use it in the morning before your sunscreen and the rest of your routine. 

I do find that at the beginning of using this, it really really burns my skin. They say that it’s more of a tingle, but I really felt that it was a bit of a burn that I felt. This diminishes as time goes on, and your skin does get used to it, but you have to go through a bit of discomfort first. 

Oh, and they also have a Vitamin C in silicone, but silicone always makes my skin break out so I didn’t try that.

Available online for $5.80.

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Aveda Hand Relief

While I’m at home, I’m finding all these half-finished hand creams and I’m trying to finish them all. First up is Aveda Hand Relief. It smells beautiful and fresh like many of Aveda products, and so that makes me look forward to using it. It’s also not overly scented, so I like that too.

The texture of this cream is thick and greasy. It really protects your hands, but it has a matte, not shiny finish, so you really feel like you can use it during the day and then go write or do whatever you need to do.

$12 for this little travel size.  $34 for 125mL.

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Nars Contour Blush

Nars Contour BlushesIf you finish doing your makeup – the whole foundation, eyes, blush, brows routine – and at the end, everything still looks a little flat, then chances are that what you’re missing is a contour. Contour just adds dimension and depth back into your face. Your face is not without its own shadows and a layer of foundation and concealer tends to cancel all those out, so you need to strategically put them back in.

Your best bet when finding a new contour colour is to check out Nars’ new contour blushes. With any shimmer or glitter, these blushes have a two colours in them – a darker pan with a lighter highlighting stripe next to it.  There are three shades to choose from: Olympia, Paloma, and Gienah.

I checked out the blush in Olympia (the lightest) and Gienah (the darkest).

Nars GienahGienah is best for very dark skin tones. It is a honey-coloured powder for highlighting, paired with a deep amber for contouring. If you use Nars foundation, you will likely only need Geinah if you are the darkest three colours.

Nars OlympiaOlympia is great for light and medium skin tones. I’m a medium through and through, and it worked very well on my skin. The ivory highlighter is easy to blend and not at all chalky. It is not shimmery and slightly creamy toned, so if you’re porcelain skinned, you will need to use it carefully and after you apply a foundation. The Rose coloured blush has a touch of greyish beige in it so it actually does work as a shadow on the skin and blends beautifully.

These are $46 and available at Sephora, Hudson’s Bay, Holt Renfrew and Murale) and You may not use a contour colour daily, but I highly recommend this blush if you’re going to be photographed because it makes such a difference in your final look.

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What Kind of Concealer Should I Use?

The type of concealer you use really depends on your skin type and what kind of coverage you need. I don’t use a lot of concealer because I like the natural look for my skin. I do use concealer if I have any redness or scarring that I wasn’t able to minimize the look of with foundation.

I really love a click pen concealer, like Givenchy’s Mister Light for under my eyes. It’s not very pigmented but it’s brightening. I can’t believe I’ve never reviewed it before.

I also like Nars Soft Matte concealer – I’m the colour Ginger. The colours that they offer are natural-looking and blend effortlessly. You can also layer this to be a more heavy-duty concealer.

That’s what I love, but I’m open to hearing what you guys are using!

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Chloe Lisy Purse Spray

Guys, I really missing carrying a purse. But never have I ever carried a perfume in my purse in case I don’t smell good. I have enough hair product in my hair that I know I usually smell like that, but I love the idea of purse sprays and the cute factor that surrounds them. They’re also great for travel.

This Chloe Lisy purse spray is no longer in production, but maybe they’ll bring back more of them!

Chloe Lisy is the updated version of the classic rose fragrance. With notes of rose, tonka bean, pepper, and sandalwood, this is a scent that’s potently sweet yet interesting and completely wearable.

The eau de parfum only comes in a purse spray that has its own pretty leather case so the perfume has no chance of getting all over your bag.  It’s a potent brew too, so be sure that although you’re getting a small amount, a little will go a long way.  BUT, if you love it, then get more than one because this is limited edition, so once it’s gone, it might be gone forever!

This is my evening scent for spring and it’s one for almost all ages, so try it for yourself.

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Yummy Smelling Body Oil

Heretofore, we’ve only known LaLicious as the company that made those yummy-smelling body butters and scrubs, Lalicious used to make a similarly yummy-scented body oil that’s made up of all natural oils.

They include coconut oil as an ingredient which has been proven to aid the health of skin and hair, which makes this oil a great pre-conditioner for dry and damaged tresses.

Available at, you should check out their whole line.  You can also find them at Amazon.

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What Basic Skin Cream Should I Use?

So many women are looking for a basic moisturizer and so they ask what one they should use.

I want to know what you’re using!

Sometimes when I want to use something basic on my face, I use Cerave.  What do you use?

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Smashbox Halo Perfecting Powder


Smashbox’s Halo Perfecting Powder is said to perfect your perfection and does so with the addition of gold and antioxidants in its formula.  What’s kind of cool is that you twist the top of the compact to freshly grind the powder for you.  I love it because you get the airy feel of a loose powder with the portability of a compact.  You can easily use your kabuki brush to swirl the powder around and then buff it on to your skin.

It wasn’t overly sparkly or glittery on my skin, and I didn’t notice any gold shimmer, but what I did think was that it’s a great powder for those days that you don’t feel like wearing a lot of makeup.  It’s not very pigmented, but it has just enough pigment to kind of even out your skin which is just what I need. I put it on top of sunscreen and it’s absolutely perfect.

It does perfect your skin, and the results last for most of the day, with the powder absorbing any excess oil and impurities that the skin might produce.

I use my own powder brush with this foundation and it just works so well.  I have it in the colour medium, but I could probably use a light/medium too.

All in all, probably one of the best powder/foundation that I’ve ever used and it’s a hard one to beat.

$55 at Sephora, or The Bay.

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