Cerave Skin Renewing Cream Serum

If you’re looking to start with retinol on your skin and you’ve never used it before, then going for a drugstore retinol product might be the way to go.  Drugstore products don’t have as much retinol in them – in fact the percentage of retinol is never even listed on the tubes.

That’s the case with CeraVe’s Skin Renewing Cream serum.

  Retinol is blended into a light formula of ceramides – present in all of CeraVe’s products.

For me, this is the perfect summer product.  I already have oily skin so I don’t need a lot of moisturizer on it, and this serum is nice and light.  It absorbs into my skin easily and works for morning or night.  If you have dry skin, you could layer a heavier cream on top, but I find that I don’t need it.  I do put sunscreen on in the day and that’s pretty moisturizing so it’s doing the trick.

$15.99 at drugstores and mass merchandisers.

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We Tried It! Latisse! (With Pictures!)

When I was working on a makeup counter, we used to have a serum that was called a lash conditioner; that is, something that moisturised your lashes and helped them to not fall out as easily. Did it work? Not really. I suppose if you had natural lovely, thick lashes, it would maybe enhance them a bit, but the majority of my clients were ladies that had thin, short or sparse lashes that wanted something that really worked, and would give them WOW lashes without falsies, and there are so, so many products out there that claim to make your eyelashes thicker, longer and more fluttery, but there’s really only a few out there that really work.

Latisse is the first and only eyelash enhancement product to be FDA approved thus far.

Latisse’s main purpose is to work by extending the lash cycle, and not only does it work, but it works WELL, better than anything else I’ve ever tried.  By extending the lash cycle, Latisse causes your lashes to NOT fall out – so they just keep on growing.  The proof is in the mirror, and if a lash does fall out, if you see it you can definitely notice how absolutely long and thick it is compared to how your lashes were before.

I didn’t inherit my mother’s lovely thick lashes and therefore have an appalling amount of time in my life applying false lashes, searching for fantastic mascaras and trying eyelash thickening serums.

Latisse is produced by Allergen, and contains Bimatoprost, which was originally used to treat Glaucoma and manage ocular pressure. A lovely side effect of this medication was that patients often began growing these fantastically long, thick eyelashes because as they were putting the medication into their eyes, some would get into their lashes.  Now, Latisse is applied almost like a liquid liner right at the base of your upper lashes for a minimum of eight weeks before you start to see results – officially, anyway.

I started to see results way before eight weeks, at around the four week mark. I’d been using Revitalash, a Latisse competitor prior to that, but it’s honestly not even comparable to Latisse. With the Latisse, you can see visible results. It’s not a ‘maybe they’re longer?’ sort of product. You can literally see the results and you will notice a difference within a few weeks.

I picked up my bottle from the fantastic Dr. John Arlette at the Total Skin Care Centrein Calgary, Alberta. He was happy to answer any questions I had as well, which was fantastic because I spent about an hour reading bad Latisse reviews before I went to see him.

What are potential side effects? There are of course, more serious side effects to any drug, and for Latisse, those include redness of the eye, hyperpigmentation where the product is applied and lash fallout and discoloration of eyes. These side effects are mostly due to an allergy to something in the product, which is why Latisse is a prescription only product. Your doctor should check out any weirdness that you notice, just in case.  Dr. Arlette also said that hyperpigmentation only happens if you get the product in your eye and if you apply as directed, you shouldn’t see this side effect.

The most common side effect is irritation where Latisse is applied, and according to Dr. Arlette, this is very common and usually just fades after a while. But of course, have your doctor check it out just in case.

A lot of other reviews I read prior to using Latisse complained about lashes falling out at around the 6 month mark, leaving users with thinner, sparser lashes than before. I brought this up with Dr. Arlette as well, and he explained that Latisse does not permanently make your eyelashes longer; it simply extends your eyelash growth cycle (typically about 4-8 weeks). When users noticed their eyelashes falling out, it wasn’t that the product was making them fall out, it was just that the lash had fallen out naturally at the end of the growth cycle.

That’s the other thing: when you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes will slowly go back to their normal length and thickness. You sort of pick your poison in this case, Latisse will give you beautiful lashes, but only as long as you use it.

One bottle (roughly 2 months’ supply) costs $150 at the Total Skin Care Centre, which isn’t exactly thrifty, but the one bottle lasted me longer than eight weeks, and I wasn’t using it sparingly. Since the end of the eight week period, I’ve sort of gotten lazy and I apply it probably every other night instead of every night now, which seems to be enough to maintain the results achieved.  If you’re a klutz with the false lashes and want longer lashes without the work, then this is worth it.  I would especially recommend using it months before a wedding or special event because the effect is lovely, but I can’t see myself using the product for the whole rest of my life.  That said, I would rather use this than any other lash serum that doesn’t work anyway.

Have you tried Latisse?  Now that you know that it’s safe and it works, are you interested in trying it?

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It’s Not a Haul

This is just the amount of lip products that accumulated in my car this past year… and I finally cleaned it out so here they are. Some of them, I got rid of.  Especially if they were from the drugstore.  But some of the high-end ones were harder to part with.  And I love a neutral pink so I kept those too.

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L’Occitane Ultra Rich Shea Butter Body Cream Saves My Winter Skin

Down to my last little bit of this gorgeous body cream, and I thought I would tell you a bit about it.

It’s got a whopping 25% Shea Butter which means that it’s ultra-creamy, and yes, a little bit greasy. But that’s why I use it. The grease kind of makes sure that it stays on your skin, and if you put it on at night in the morning you’ll have ultra soft, fully moisturized skin. This is especially wonderful on dry feet and hands and just one of those products you’ll want to have on your night table, within reach. You can find L’Occitane stores all over Canada and the U.S. or you can check out their website!


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Nars Impassioned Vs. Douceur

I’m a serious Nars fangirl these days, and I’m still using the Impassioned blush that was a part of their Spring 2016 Nouvelle Vogue color collection.  But guess what?  Before Impassioned, I had been using Douceur which came out in 2010 but was limited edition.  Douceur is the most beautiful brownish pink and looks completely natural because it has no shimmer.

Impassioned is described as an orchid pink and it’s lighter and more pink than Douceur but also very wearable and natural looking.

Here’s my picture of Impassioned and Douceur.  Douceur is in the front and obviously more worn, while Impassioned is behind.


Obviously Douceur was an old favourite and I’m keeping it close, but Impassioned is the new fave and it’s the one that I reach for every day.  The winning thing about them both is that there’s no shimmer and they’re not very pigmented which makes it very easy to blend them so that they look natural.  You can really control how much and where you apply when the powder is not too pigmented.  I actually pat on the blush (with the brush) and then blend so that I control exactly how much I get and where.

Impassioned is $38 and is permanent to the Nars blush family!

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Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It Hair Stylers

I’m so glad that air styling your hair is making a comeback even if it’s only momentary. I’ve always liked air styling because it is easier and more gentle on already dry hair. The key for me has always been to use lots of product and to layer with something moisturizing so that my frizz is taken care of.

So I’ve been trying out the Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow it (H)air Stylers. There’s one for fine hair and one for thicker and coarser hair. As predicted, the styler for fine hair is lighter than the one for thicker hair which is creamier.

I have fine hair – but it’s also curly and rather frizzy. The light Don’t Blow It wasn’t enough for my hair. My hair looked really dry when I used it. I loved the Thick (H)air Styler.  It gave my hair hold, calmed the frizz, and just made my hair look good.  I’ll be reaching for this regularly, and especially when I’m not going to be straightening or blow-drying my hair.  It’s a very nice cream for dry and frizzy hair.

Available at salons and Sephora. $21 each.

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Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation Review

Huda Beauty has a brand new foundation out and although I’m not a huge fan, I thought I would check it out to see what’s the latest and greatest out there.

The colour selection available is amazing and true to skin tones.  I was impressed by the golden and neutral undertones available in some of the colours, and they were better than what I’ve found from many other brands. Out of the two shades of foundation I tried, both were really good and seemed to give me natural-looking coverage.  One was so good that it was completely imperceptible on my skin.

My colour was 240 Baklava.

This is a thick medium-to-full coverage foundation with natural satin-looking coverage.  It’s great for concealing just about anything.

Personally, I prefer a most natural-looking and feeling foundation, but if you’re in the market for full coverage and need to find colours that suit your skin tone, then check this one out!

$54 at Sephora.

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Makeup Forever Matte Velvet Blurring Foundation Review and Application

New getting ready and foundation routine video is up right now!

I found a sunscreen that is clear!  And Moisturizing!  And light!

Here’s what I used:

@theinkeylist Glycolic Acid
@cerave_canada Ultra-Light Moisturizing Lotion in SPF 30
@makeupforeverca Matte Velvet Skin Blurring Powder Foundation in Y305
@realtechniques Buffing brush
@narsissist powder blush in Douceur (discontinued)
@NYXCosmetics_Canada brush
@BareMinerals Matte Liquid Lipstick in XYZ

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New makeup video today! Using a new sunscreen that’s COMPLETELY CLEAR! And a new powder foundation that’s pretty natural looking. Also, I put my toner in a spray bottle and now I spritz it on my skin instead of using a cotton pad. Anyone else tried this?? Here’s what I used: @theinkeylist Glycolic Acid @cerave_canada Ultra-Light Moisturizing Lotion in SPF 30 @makeupforeverca Matte Velvet Skin Blurring Powder Foundation in Y305 @realtechniques Buffing brush @narsissist powder blush in Douceur (discontinued) @NYXCosmetics_Canada brush @BareMinerals Matte Liquid Lipstick in XYZ #makeup #makeuptutorial #powderfoundation #motd #makeupvideos #newgenerationmatte #makeupforeverca #instadaily #sunscreen #clearsunscreen #beautycare #yycbeauty #yyc #yycliving #yycfashion #yycnow #yycblogger #yycblog #instabeauty #itgtopshelfie #whatiuse #luxurymakeup #canadianblogger #selfie #chooselovely #byrdiebeauty #instablog #beautyeditor #yycbloggerbabes

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I love the Matte Velvet Blurring Foundation.  It’s light and looks natural.  Definitely, powder foundation works better for oily skin which is what I have.  I always apply this on top of my sunscreen so it minimizes the shine and then blends with the natural oil on my skin throughout the day.  It looks so natural.

I find that it doesn’t last the whole day, but it’s perfect for touching up throughout the day.  It also seems to photograph really well.

Available at online or at Sephora for $50.

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Aveda Be Curly Style Prep Review

I love it when good things come in small packages – like this Aveda Be Curly Style Prep. I got 2 samples of these this summer, and used it everyday for a couple of weeks. It defined my curls and let my hair dry quickly and without any frizz. I did find that it wasn’t very hydrating, so if your hair is dry then you’ll need to add some leave-in conditioner into it, or even a hair serum, but it worked kind of like a light crunch-free gel on my curls.

Available at Aveda stores. $36.

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Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder

Video where I apply this is coming soon – in the meantime, take a look at how pretty this powder is.  The colour is called 01 Mousseline Pastel, and the scribble tiger print is limited edition for 2019.  Otherwise, this powder is available in basic packaging too.

The powder is translucent but brightening because of all the different colou rs that make it up.  The pink, blue, green, and white counteract any sallow/orange tones in the skin.  Because the powder is translucent, it can be used on all skin tones.  I like it on myself and do find it to be sheer but brightening.  

It’s also lightly fragranced, which is nice. I find that I can smell it when I first apply it, but later in the day, the scent is gone.

Available at Holt Renfrew, $80.

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