Fragrance Friday: Kiehl’s Original Musk

Kiehl’s boutiques are more widespread than they used to be, so this epic fragrance is more readily available than it used to be.  If you’re a fragrance lover, or learning about perfume, then you need to read below and then go smell the OG of musk fragrances.
I’ve had Kiehl’s Original Musk for years now and I love the way it smells. It’s smoky and intense with a dry down of patchouli and, of course, musk. Lore is that this is the first Musk scent ever made and that every other musk after this one was a copy.

I love this scent, but at the end of the day, this is just too intense for me to pull off on most days. It just doesn’t fit my personality, but I like having it on my dresser in case I change my mind. Funny how you can love a perfume, but just not love it on yourself.

$57 at

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The Best It Cosmetics Products

It Cosmetics is having a family and friends sale right now, which means that everything is 25% off.  You might be in a shopping mood, or you might want to stock up on your favourite things anyway.  Here are my favs from the brand – reviews are linked.

  1. Superhero Mascara and Eyeliner.  $22.50 at Sephora right now, or $25 at  Obviously, you want to stick to Sephora for this one.  Both have free shipping right now.
  2. CC+ cream.  I would avoid the Illuminating version as it’s quite sparkly, but the matte version is for me, and the regular one might be for anyone who doesn’t have oily skin.  This was the cream that started the CC cream craze, and it’s amazing that they included SPF 50 in it.
  3. Secret Sauce moisturizer.  This has some radiance to it which gives your skin a glow – perfect for when you’re staying at home.
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CoverFX Pressed Mineral Foundation Review

This foundation is on sale right now for $35 (down from $50).  Check it out.  I loved this foundation and it’s one of the few that I’ve hit pan on.

coverfxCult foundation brand Cover FX is known for having very pigmented foundations.

My favourite of the above is the Pressed Mineral foundation. It has a light texture and can be used either as a foundation or with a fluffy brush as a setting powder. The texture is light and airy, and unless you apply too much, there’s no cakiness.

This powder foundation is the most pigmented powder foundation that I have ever tried. It has 17.5% pigmented, whereas most powder foundations have close to 10% pigment. That means that you need less product to get the same amount of coverage. The foundation comes with a disk applicator which means that you can apply it on the go, but I found that I really liked applying lightly with a powder brush, and use a concealer brush in the areas that I needed more coverage.

The mineral foundation lasts the entire day. It absorbs oil and sweat and just sticks to the skin. It also doesn’t have a completely matte finish, because the foundation powder has pearlized powder in it, which makes the foundation look like real skin. You no longer need to look like you’re wearing a mask to get a full-coverage makeup look!

The powder foundation does not contain talc, fragrance, mineral oil, or parabens.

The foundation colours are divided into pink, neutral, and golden which speaks to undertones. The system is pretty fool-proof, but the best way to figure out the best shade you need, check out the Cover FX counter at Shoppers Drug Mart where a makeup specialist can help you find the perfect colour for you. The shades in each colour family are created with a science. Each shade with a higher number is exactly 3% darker than the shade before it. Finding the perfect foundation shade has never been easier.

If you need higher coverage, check out the Total Cream Coverage foundation which has 32% pigment and truly can be used as a concealer.

Cover FX is a Canadian brand that specializes in foundations – they got their start creating ways of covering up burns and scars! If you’ve had trouble finding the perfect foundation at a traditional makeup counter, then you need to check out this brand.

The Pressed Mineral Foundation is $42 and comes in 40 (FOURTY!!!) shades.  I’m N40 which is medium with neutral undertones.  It’s a tad darker than my skin colour on my face, but it matches my neck so I can pull it off.  Pictures coming soon.

Find it at or at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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It Cosmetics Superhero Liner and Mascara

Update: the Superhero mascara and the liner are on sale right now for $22.50.  

It’s actually fairly difficult to find an inky black eyeliner and mascara that match, last, and are the blackest black that’s out there.  Bonus points for me if the black and a tiny bit of blue in it so that it brings out the brown of my eyes.

Now I can stop looking for that perfect combination because I’ve found It Cosmetics Superhero Liner and the It Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Mascara.

You can see that the Superhero Liner has a felt tip marker which helps you draw a smooth straight line that can be thin or thick.  The liner is super pigmented so just one smooth stroke is what you need to get a fine line.

The Superhero Elastic Stretch mascara is easy to wear.  One coat gives you super volumized thick lashes, so this is the perfect mascara if you like a major lash look.

What I love about both of these is that they’re super long-lasting.  The mascara doesn’t smudge or smear even when I work out, and there’s no even any flaking when I wear a lot of it.  I use a primer with the eyeliner and I find that helps it last the whole day.

The other thing that I love about the liner and mascara is that they’re super duper deep dark inky black, which is actually difficult to find in a mascara and eyeliner, and this duo both have exactly the same deep black colour.

$32 each, sold separately at Sephora, The Shopping Channel, or

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Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin Full Coverage Foundation

Update: this foundation is on sale at Sephora right now for $37.50. 

The problem with most matte full coverage foundations is that they look obvious on your skin, sometimes even magnifying skin imperfections and texture instead of making skin look smooth.  It’s also difficult to make them look natural because real skin reflects light and matte foundation doesn’t in the slightest.

Make Up For Ever’s Matte Velvet Skin Full Coverage Foundation is different.  Because the finish is a matte velvet, the foundation is matte but skin looks smooth and soft.  It blends into skin effortlessly and can be sheered down for medium coverage or applied with a brush or layered on for more full coverage.

There’s no cake face with this foundation and it comes in so many colours and undertones that it should be easy to find a shade that matches your skin exactly.  The texture is moussy and thick but it’s easy to sheer down with your fingers.  Like I mentioned, it blends into skin seamlessly and actually lasts for the duration of the day.  It can even cover freckles while looking natural.


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Martha Stewart Living Cookbook – The New Classics

More than 1200 recipes in one book; that’s what Martha Stewart Living New Classics Cookbook says you’ll get. It’s amazing the range that this huge tome provides and rest assured there’s a nearly fool-proof recipe for almost everything.

The New Classics series references the Old Classics, by giving you new versions of the old basics, and the back of the book has an index that tells you all the recipes in both books combined. The Old Classics book doesn’t do this.


I find that both the books are handy to have around because they have so many recipes together that you’ll never run out of ideas on what to make.

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Thursday Threes: Holy Grail Volume from Dove’s Oxygen Moisture Line

Dove Oxygen Moisture LineSpecifically made for fine and flat hair, Dove’s Oxygen Moisture Line was calling out to me. My curly super dry hair needs an oomph every now and then so that it looks more full. As every hair stylist I’ve ever been to says to me: I have lots of hair, but it’s hard to tell because it is so fine. I just need to get it up and out so that every single strand is on display.

The problem, however, with most mousses and volumizing products is that they can be a little drying, or they don’t deliver any moisture to hair.

And now there’s the Oxygen Moisture Line which consists of a shampoo & conditioner, a leave-in foam, and a root lift spray.

The product I was drawn to right away was the Oxygen Moisture Leave in Foam ($7.98). Said to moisturize while adding up to 95% more volume, this sounded like a winner. What you need to understand is that Dove is the master of making moisturizing foaming product. Remember the Dove Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse? It was a mousse and serum in one and needed to be tried to be believed. I knew that if they could make a product like that once, they could do it again, and the Oxygen Moisture Leave-In Foam does not disappoint!

This product does dispense like a foam (rather than a mousse) in your hand, but when you apply it to your hair you can feel the slickness that’s in this product and is being applied to your hair. There’s no stickiness or tackiness, and the product is almost like a very light serum or styling cream. My curls dried shiny and defined which was exactly the effect I’ve been looking for. I do find that I need to add a couple of pumps of serum with this cream but that’s because my hair is extremely dry and damaged right now. The best part is that my hair is super soft after using the whole entire line.

If you want volume close to the roots, then you have to try the Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray ($7.98). Apply it just to your roots and dry your hair using the method of your choice. Somehow, you’ll find your hair lifted off the scalp – I found this to be the case even when I air-dried my hair.

The shampoo and conditioner in this line are also great – moisturizing without weighing hair down ($6.75 each).

You can find the entire Oxygen Moisture line at drugstores now.

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The Best Dry Shampoos

I’ve tried so many dry shampoos and these are my favourite ones – points go to ones that smell really good, and points for formulas that are clear – and these are – so that I can use them on my dark hair.  Don’t put them directly where you part your hair – create new parts, spray the dry shampoo, rub it in, and then fix your part to where it originally was.

  1. Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder Post Working Dry Shampoo Mist.  This is the latest on the dry shampoo scene, and it’s a wet product that you spray on to wet hair.  It absorbs quickly (within 30 seconds) and doesn’t leave a white residue at all, so it’s worth checking out if you haven’t had luck with dry shampoos in the past!
  2. Drybar’s Detox Dry Conditioner. Smells amazing – like expensive perfume – and I always get compliments on how good I smell when I use it.  I actually finished a bottle which never happens.
  3. Colab Dry Shampoo.  Also smells amazing, and they have a version that smells like roses.  Also, there’s an extra strength version which is amazing.  This is at the drugstore so check it out!
  4. Marc Anthony Grow Long 2-in-1 Dry Shampoo and Conditioner.  This smells like berries and you can use it on the lengths of your hair to actually make it shiny and smell good.  It’s the product I like to use on my hair after cooking because I feel like it takes out the scent of food and makes my hair smell good.

And those are my favourites!  The Drybar Detox is definitely an all-time fav that I would rebuy because it smells the best.

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Beginner’s Guide to Retinol Video

This is the first in a series… and I realized that I could really talk forever about retinol and what you should do.  So this is the first in a series, and I hope you enjoy it. Are you using retinol?  If you wanted to start, this might be a good time because we’re all home right now so you can deal with any peeling and dryness without feeling that everyone’s going to be look at it when they’re talking to you.

Anyway, here’s the video, let me know what you think!

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Givenchy Blooming Fuschia Blush

I’m going through my old makeup while I can, and I came across this Givenchy Blooming Fuschia blush from 2011. It was basically not used, but it’s the most pretty bright pink and perfect to use in these times. This is the blush that I’m using all the time now – it’s cheerful and perfect for spring even though I’m just staying at home.

Have you pulled out any makeup goodies from the past?

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