Painless Hair Removal

Imagine laser hair removal without any pain at all. That’s what one spa is offering, and I wanted to find out for myself if it is true or not.

Sante Spa is one of the best med spas in Calgary, and it’s so awesome because they actually have doctors and nurses that do some of the treatments.

One instance where they definitely use a nurse to do the treatment is when performing laser hair removal procedures.

Sante Spa uses a laser machine called the Soprano Laser, which is well known in the industry for having the reputation of being effective without causing pain.

The machine’s claim to fame is that it doesn’t hurt at all, and so of course, I wanted to try this for myself.

The way the machine works is instead of providing the skin with one intense pulse of light, it provides lots of little pulses in continuous succession. Instead of the technician holding the wand on one part of your skin and zapping it before moving on to another part, he or she would continuously move the wand over the area to be treated, doing up to 3 passes so that each hair follicle gets zapped. Because the intensity of the laser is less, there is less pain. Also because the wand is continuously moving, the pain is somehow not focussed on one area.

So is the treatment completely painless?

I have to say no, not completely. It’s definitely less painful than what I’ve experienced with other lasers, but you do still feel a bit of a pinch when the laser delivers its zap. Still, with just one treatment, 95% of my hair was gone and I had no residual redness or swelling after my initial treatment.

Given how well this treatment worked and how painless it was, I would recommend it and would do it again. If you’re in the Calgary area, you should check out Sante Spa and get a package of treatments there. The price varies with the amount of area they’re covering so you would need a consult in the spa before pricing can be determined.

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  1. Lucy Flowers says:

    I’ve been waxing my eyebrows, upper lip, and legs for a few years now and I am still not use to the pain. Sometimes I can handle it but this one time I accidentally waxed the top part of my lip. It hurt soooo bad!! Ever since then I have been looking for alternative hair removal methods like laser. The only thing stopping me from trying laser is the money. I don’t know if I can afford it but if it means less pain then maybe I can save up.

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