Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner for Curly Hair Review

Pantene has been giving its product line a bit of a makeover and a slight updating, and though I couldn’t figure out what the major differences were at first, I have to admit that I can sure see them now.  Where before, you had to choose just one condition for your hair, now they understand that your hair can be a mixture of different conditions.

For example, my hair is fine, curly, and dry – not just one of those. And so, though I didn’t have many options before, now I can use Pantene’s shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, that’s “Dry to Moisturized” meaning that it will take my dry hair and moisturize it.

I have to admit, that the shampoo and conditioner are quite heavy, and for that reason I was worried that it wasn’t going to work on my really fine hair.  But, the shampoo and conditioner ended up being just what my dry hair really need.  Instead of weighing hair down, the conditioner just moisturized it and made the curls really fresh and bouncy looking.  I found that I even needed less hair product after washing my hair because it became so moisturized.  Just a touch of serum was good enough.

The new Pantene line is already in stores and there’s something for every hair type.

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2 Responses to Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner for Curly Hair Review

  1. YES! I love their new lines. Normally, 2 in 1 hair products have disastrous affects on my hair, but I use their 2 in 1 for Medium to Thick hair and it really</em? nourishes my strands while keeping flyaways at bay.

  2. Pia Z says:

    I have long and wavy hair. I do not play with my hair a lot and spend very little time on it. The Shielo Hydrate conditioner helps me in that.

    After using Shielo’s conditioner my hair is so manageable that I do not have to blow dry my hair even and they are so soft, smooth and silky all day long, Using this conditioner can reduce your visit to a hair salon so often and you can still look beautiful.

    Its smell is great too and its long lasting. Shielo has different shampoos and conditioners for different hair types and so everyone can find one suiting their hair needs. It also makes the hair less frizzy and what I do is I do not wash it out completely from my hair. I would definitely recommend thsi conditioner to anyone who wants a quick, easy and affordable solution to make theri hair soft, smooth, silky and manageable.

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