Paul & Joe Hair and Body Mist

This beautiful bottle is Paul and Joe’s new Hair and Body Mist.  Does anyone even use a hair mist? I am finding more and more that my hair products are already so heavily scented that there is no room for a hair mist, so I use this just on my body. 

A blend of citrus and earthy greens, light and refreshing, you could say that this mist is the perfect summer fragrance.  It’s not heavy and not at all strong, so you can spray it on your body at will, and know that you’re not going to be overdoing it, at a time where sometimes, it can seem easy to overdo fragrance.

The ingredients are orange flower, white lily extract, and jojoba oil which all balance each other to make a fresh scent that never feels overburdening.

$32, available at and certain Shoppers Drug Mart Locations.


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