PCA Pigment Gel

So many people ask me about hyperpigmentation either from acne, or from sun damage, and this PCA gel is one of the best – you can get it in a hydroquinone version or HQ free and it combines lactic acid with melanin-lightening ingredients to help your skin look blemish-free.  Updated link to purchase at the bottom of the post.

So I picked up the PCA HQ Free Pigment Gel.

PCA Pigment Gel HQ Free

It works because it has Kojic Acid and Lactic Acid at the perfect pH and so it totally works on exfoliating my skin so that my tan would fade away.

I saw a great reduction in the tan from the very first time that I used it.  You should especially try this if you’re wary of using products that have hydroquinone in them.  Though it’s been known to be super-effective at lightening skin, it’s also a controversial ingredient because some scientists don’t think that it’s completely safe.    Also, PCA makes a version of this product with HQ in it, and I have not yet tried that.  Not only will it take care of a tan you don’t want, but it will also bring evenness to your skin.

Available through dermatologists and medical spas, or online.  $64


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4 Responses to PCA Pigment Gel

  1. Ayesha says:

    Wow that looks really cool!

    Would you be able to tell me where I could pick it up? Is it available at Shopper’s Drug Mart?

  2. Henna says:

    It’s definitely not available at Shoppers.

    You can get it at Skinovation – here’s the link: https://skinovation.sslpowered.com/store/index.php?c=39

  3. sharon j says:

    I have used Hydroquinone successfully on my face to remove a big brown splotch on my forehead. I used a product called Lustra A-F which is 4% hydroquinone and available OTC in Canada. According to studied sources there is no hard evidence that hydroquinone isn’t safe for topical use. Kojic acid apparently is very unstable in cosmetic formulations and the type of Kojic acid used may not be the one that has documented proof of eficacy. Lactic acid is essenatially an AHA exfoliator so will slough off dead skin cells. All ingredients can be researched on the enclosed link.

  4. Henna says:

    I’ve used Hydroquinone too and like you, Sharon, I found that it worked wonders on a stubborn patch of dark skin that I had. I’m doing a review of creams that have HQ in them as well, and for the most part they all work. This gel comes in an HQ version as well and I’m sure it’s good since the HQ free version works well.

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