Peace, Love, and Juicy Couture Review

I hated the last Juicy Couture fragrance, and I didn’t review it here because I couldn’t stand to smell it and think about it.

But the new Juicy fragrance, Peace, Love, and Juicy Couture, is a keeper.

Though this is released this month, the notes are quite fresh and this is a different fall scent – no vanilla or smoky notes here.  Just a lot of woods and a drydown of fresh musk.

The top notes of Peace, Love, and Juicy Couture include Meyer Lemon Tree, and you can smell the lemon notes at the very first spritz of the scent.  The lemon is indeed woodsy… you can almost imagine a lemon just picked off the tree and smell the fresh green of the fruit. The apple note is similarly freshly picked, and adds a touch of tart sweetness to the meyer lemon.  It’s an opening that dies down within an hour but gives you a burst of orchard air.

The middle notes are floral – jasmine, magnolia and honeysuckle are all there, but again, I found that the middle notes don’t last long either.

Very quickly, you start to smell the musk and the patchouli through the middle notes and the drydown is quite wonderful in its dryness.   Though there’s a bit of sweet floral in this scent, it has such a nice drydown that it could pass for a unisex scent as well.

So far, it’s definitely my favourite scent for fall.

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  1. This sounds nice! Not quite for cooler days though. Sounds like something for the spring.

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