Perfect Pairings from Mickey Contractor

This collection came out in January 2011, and I need to dig out the products.  Stay tuned!

Proof that the MAC + Mickey Contractor collection rocks?

Check out these images: perfect pairings from the colour cosmetics section at MAC.

The first picture has Sur blush with Mehr lipstick.  Both are neutral pinks – Mehr is described as a Dirty Blue Pink, and Sur is a Dirty pink brown.  Both look natural on the skin and have no shimmer to them, so they are long-wearing and matte.  Think your natural skin but prettier.  All the colours work incredibly well together to give a polished look that’s anything but boring.

Finally check out the eyeshadow palette in Athma.  Yes, it’s all neutrals and the black is a repromote called Carbon, but the colours go wonderfully together and are neutrals with an oomph.

The collection has sold really well – both the lipstick and the blush are sold out online but they may be available at the MAC counter.

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2 Responses to Perfect Pairings from Mickey Contractor

  1. Jyoti says:

    Hello, I live in Toronto, wondering how can i buy MAC + Mickey Contractor collection, please someone advise

  2. Henna says:

    Hi Jyoti, it was only available online and not at counters.

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