Perfume: Clean Reserve Blonde Rose

This is a rose perfume that doesn’t quite smell like roses.  Do I like it?  Sometimes.

Clean Reserve is Clean’s high end line of perfumes and is available at Sephora.  This line came out in 2016, which isn’t that long ago, and I’ve had this perfume since then!  Clean is the brand that came out with cotton candy and laundry detergent scents back in the day and those were super popular.  This is their answer to those of us who want something more complicated.

Blonde Rose lists Aldehyde Water, Rose, and Sandalwood as its notes, but to me it just smells so much like water and… detergent?  soap?  It must be the aldehyde notes, but this is neither your grandma’s rose nor a rose bouquet.  It’s just something that reminds you of clean scents.

It works for me when I’m in the mood for it, but most times I like something a little spicier.

$134 at Sephora.

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