Philosophy Supernatural Bronzer

I’ve written in the past that I love Philosophy, and that this product line can do no wrong for me.

Well, that statement no longer holds true.

Philosophy’s The Supernatural Instant Sunshine Natural Mineral Bronzer is one product I just can’t get on board with.

After experimenting with it night after night before cleansing my face and heading to bed, I couldn’t make it work. I tried using the applicator it came with, using a variety of brushes, mixing it with a few powder and liquid blushes, blending it down with a bit of loose powder, and a lot more. I gave it a fair chance because I wasn’t willing to admit defeat for a line I love so much, but I just couldn’t get it right.

At the end of all that trial and error, I couldn’t bring myself to wear it out during the day. It was so messy to use and made my face look dirty – it just wasn’t worth the effort.

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