Philosophy’s Amazing Grace Dresses Up

I’m so happy to become reacquainted with Philosophy’s Amazing Grace fragrance. It’s a super clean fresh scent that is perfect for livening up an old outfit, or freshening up the senses in the middle of the day.  Notes are bergamot, clean musk, and white flowers and it’s at once a floral and feminine scent that’s not overpowering.  This is an easy-to-wear scent that becomes the wearer – although it does fade on me after a morning, and needs reapplication throughout the day. 

This winter, Philosophy dresses up this scent in a frilly tutu, which makes it perfect for gifting to someone who already loves fresh and clean scents.  Pick this up at your local Sephora – it would make a great gift for the meticulously neat fragrance lover in your life.


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