PMD Personal Microderm System

Gadgets that give you the medi spa experience at home are the next trend in beauty.

I’ve already tried the at-home laser system, and now there’s an at-home personal microdermabrasion system that promises to give you real results.

PMD’s Personal Microderm System is one that is hand-held, plugs into your wall, and has an exfoliating disc that rotates at high speeds and scrapes away dry dead skin.  Used once a week and in conjunction with a chemical exfoliant (a cream with a glycolic acid in it, for example), it promises to give results in 12 weeks.

They say that the system is “Ideal for those with age spots, skin discolorations, and other imperfections who want smooth, even-toned skin.”

Really, that encompasses everyone, doesn’t it?  We all want smooth skin that’s even-toned and that’s what all those potions and lotions we have are for.  But what if you could take away a layer of dead skin, so that you can rejuvenate new skin cell growth and help your products penetrate more deeply into your skin?

Well, that’s where this microdermabrasion comes in.

The question is, how does this stack up against the actual microdermabrasion that you would get at a salon?

Short answer: it’s not the same, but it does work.

This microdermabrasion system is more old-school.  Like I said, it uses a rotating disc to slough away old skin.  If you go into a medical spa these days, they no longer use this system.  What they use instead is a fine stream of aluminum oxide crystals that they spray on to your skin and then suck up again.  The used crystals obviously go into a separate chamber and are appropriately disposed of.  The entire process is quick and it just feels as if someone is scraping on your skin with their nail.  It’s pretty gentle, and done properly shouldn’t hurt at all.  You also feel a bit of a suction because the gadget sucks up the used crystals so quickly after spraying them on your skin.

With the PMD system, there are no crystals, so it just feels like a scraping on your skin.  You control how hard you’re pressing on your skin, so you control how much you feel the scraping.

PMD is not like a professional application, but it does work.  You will get rid of the top dry layer of skin, and you’ll notice the difference in just one treatment.  It really does take off the top layer of dead skin so that you can take care of discolourations and any dark spots.

My only concern with using PMD is that it might scrape the skin too much and pull it a bit.  Therefor, I would recommend using it only if your skin is already firm and not prone to move about while you use this.

The PMD Personal Microderm System is available online for $179.  You can get microdermabrasion at a salon for approximately $100 a treatment, so considering that this will work more than once, it is reasonably priced.  Use it gently, if at all.


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