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Poolside Essentials for Your Hair

I went through a phase not too long ago where I went swimming almost everyday, which is super ironic because I absolutely hated swimming growing up.

Turns out that my hating the activity had more to do with my own body issues than with anything else, so once those were taken care of, it turns out that swimming wasn’t all that bad!

Anyway, during that time I learned a thing or two about what to pack before venturing out on a trip to the pool.  Of course you’re going to take a shower gel and moisturizer to combat the chlorine smell and feel from the pool water, but I learned the hard way that there’s no way I can skip washing my hair afterwards and I can’t be cheap about a shampoo.

After swimming you have to use a super gentle and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to combat the time spent in the harsh environment of the pool.  One way to do it is to apply lots of coconut oil in your hair so that the water doesn’t even have a chance to penetrate your hair.

I also prefer using a cleansing conditioner instead of a regular shampoo.  I find that it’s much more gentle and because it’s like a shampoo and conditioner in one you save time in the shower too.  I’m partial to Pantene’s Damage Repair Cleansing Conditioner.  It’s super gentle and hydrating and the huge bottle might be unwieldy to put in a gym bag, but it lasts a long time and you can completely slather your hair with it.

Pool shampoosThe other shampoo you need is Live Clean’s Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo.  This stuff is the opposite of hydrating but it will absolutely take all the build-up your hair might have acquired over the summer and will leave it super clean and shiny.  I wouldn’t use this more than once a week, and it’s an essential if you’re using the above cleansing conditioner because it’ll leave everything squeaky clean whereas the conditioner wouldn’t have.

Pick both up at drugstores – $9.99 for the Pantene Cleansing Conditioner and $6.99 for the Live Clean Shampoo.

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