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Poreless Skin

I know that no matter what product I use, there’s no way that the size of my pores will physically reduce. No company can convince me otherwise. I have the skin I have and for the most part, I’m happy with it.

But sometimes, I do want that smooth poreless finish of my skin. That’s why I turned to Dr. Brandt’s Poreless line of products, specially formulated for combination or oily skin. And no, Dr. Brandt doesn’t say that these products will make your pores smaller, but he does say that they’ll help minimize their appearance and I appreciate that honesty when it comes to marketing the line.

To begin, I didn’t try the toner or cleanser because I’m happy with the ones I’m currently using. I also did not try the mask because usually the benefit of a mask is temporary and I want a system that I can use daily in conjunction with the products that I already use. So I picked up the Dr. Brandt Poreless Pores No More, the Poreless Moisture, and Pore Effect and used all three together.

Is it really necessary to add three more products to my morning regime in order for me to be ready to face the world? Of course not!

So does layering the three products really work? Yes it does.

Lets start by talking about each product and the effect that it has.

First comes Pore Effect which is what I used after cleansing and toning as per the instructions. The product goes on matte but don’t think of it as a silicone matte. The cream is not fluid or easy to blend. It’s sort of hard and I felt as if I was putting glue on my skin. It didn’t dry on my skin and I rubbed it into my skin until it was absorbed – and it absorbed easily. At this stage, I have to say that I already liked the way that my skin looked.

The product I used next was the Poreless Moisture cream. I liked this cream a lot. It felt moisturizing but did not add any shine to my face. That’s pretty difficult to find in a moisturizing product and believe me, I have looked. Like Pore Effect, Poreless Moisture is easily absorbed into your skin but unlike Pore Effect this is easy to blend.

Finally, I used Pores No More. I have to say that this product seemed pretty unremarkable to me but it did give my skin a very true matte finish not unlike one that you could get by using a primer and Dr. Brandt does say that you can use this as a primer. What I noticed however, is that I could leave this product out of my routine and my makeup still went on smoothly. That being said, my skin remained more matte by using this in conjunction with the other products.

And so we get to the line’s effectiveness. As I said above, yes, the system does work. When I used the line on very long days my skin was noticeably less shiny. You could use each product on its own, but the effect just won’t be as good. Furthermore, after using all the products extensively I can say that my skin hasn’t reacted negatively to them and when I wash my face at the end of the day, my skin feels just as smooth as it ever did.

The fact remains that layering three additional creams on my face is just too much for most days. I just don’t have that kind of time on my hands. Nevertheless, I do think that this system is worth having and I am definitely going to use it for special occasions when I’d rather not be powdering my nose every few minutes.

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